Monarch Butterfly Reflection

Monarch Butterfly   (Listen while you read)  

ButterflyMonarchJames_Laurie400x300shutterstock_57609622The way to your heart; indeed. The way to your heart is via the beauty that you see.

(Oh yes, my friends; beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

And what, pray tell, do you see?

Come with me on a journey; a journey that could take as little time as it would take to blink an eye.

We do not mean to confuse, dear heart. No, it is not our intention to confuse. However, we see many being confused by their surrounds.

Indeed, dear ones; if it is death and destruction one sees in their surrounds, there would seem to be a need for compensation to be given should they perceive the ‘entire’ world in this fashion. This is not the case, dear hearts. There is most certainly death and destruction happening in the world; however, we would ask that you confine your thinking to ‘your’ world.

If you are one who is experiencing death and destruction we would ask that you turn your thinking to those who are not experiencing this situation.

Should you be one of those who is not experiencing death and destruction we would ask that you place your thoughts, not on death and destruction, for this will only enhance those energies; making them more powerful than they already are.

Does this seem like an impossibility, dear heart? Does it seem to be a significant ideal within the lives of humans? Is it possible to discount the death and destruction in the world, and allow yourself to refrain from thinking about it?

Some would say this is turning a ‘blind eye’, as it is said. Some would say that this is ignorance breeding ignorance.

We would suggest, dear ones, this is ‘life’ preserving. We would suggest that if you cannot do anything substantial by way of making this condition better; then your thoughts will only contribute to the negativity.

Live your life with a sense of ‘presence’. Yes, that’s right. Live your life in whatever circumstances you find yourself. Do not place yourself in energies that are not of your making, or your good. No, dear hearts. This is what the Monarch butterfly suggests to those who enjoy its beauty:

Live; not your brother’s; not your sister’s life. No, dear ones; this is their experience. Live your own life, and leave others to live theirs.)

2012 Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk

Image Credit: James_Laurie


  1. Death is inevitable, that is where we all are going. Don’t ignore it. Accept it, celebrate it and live in the “now”. Take whatever comes, kill your ego and let yourself fly…

    1. Yes, it does seem to be that way, Smaktakula… negativity breeding negativity…!
      Better to stay with the positive; else we become a part of the problem..!
      Of course, that doesn’t imply ‘not understanding or appreciating’ the negative aspects. More a case of having a firm grasp of reality however, not allowing it to invade our own lives to the extent that it troubles us. After all; if we can’t do anything constructive by way of ‘helping’ a negative situation to be better, then our energies are better focused elsewhere.

  2. A powerful reflection! Syria ( and all the world attached) came to mind, as a death and destruction. Many who are trying to help, must see the Monarch reflection inside themselves, otherwise they would not be able to continue on.
    Myself, it’s time to walk in the sun, and shed some of my own personal D&D energy. Actually, walking under clouds works, too.
    Thank you, Carolyn! xoxoxoxo

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