Donkey Reflection

Donkey   (Listen while you read)  


Monkey see. Monkey do. Beat me till I’m black and blue.

My hide is tough. My head is too.

I’m not ashamed of this. Are you?

We all have little parts of ourselves we don’t see as pretty, or engaging, or acceptable, or any number of negatives.

Were this to be true we could all jump into the river and drown; else we get caught up in our own delusions.

Indeed, this is what we do; the majority, that is.

Yes, my friends. The majority are so caught up in concerning themselves with what is acceptable, they miss the obvious.

And what is the obvious?

This is simple, my friends.

The obvious is just that. It is obvious.

We each have been given a uniqueness. This is obvious; this is true, and this is quantitative, to be sure.

We each have an abundance of uniqueness. No two alike. All different. All, dare we say; unique.

Allow your uniqueness to show. It must be different in order to be unique.

Do you want to be as everyone else? Yes? Then so be it, my friend.

You can confine your uniqueness in a box the same as your brother/your sister. However, isn’t it their uniqueness that attracts you?

Isn’t it their particular flavour that excites you?

Isn’t it their journey, different from your own, that entices you?

Yes, my friends. It is those very differences that attract.

Allow your differences to shine. Allow your uniqueness to be on show. This is what we would like for all to understand. Difference; excites, attracts, warms, soothes and radiates.

Won’t you allow yourself this pleasure!

Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk

Image Credit:  Blue_Iris /


  1. Carolyn, I try not to let my uniqueness frighten me, but sometimes it does. You are right about the uniqueness of other being appealing, and you my dear are so very appealing… unique friend, thank you for the donkey’s reflection!

    1. Resa, I understand and appreciate that sentiment in its entirety. It has taken me many years to accept my own uniqueness; I wanted to be so many other things, and tried desperately to be something other than myself. Today is a different day, thank goodness. I am what I am, and I now work with that truth.
      I do, however, have a few years up on you…. 😉

  2. Wow! This is my second donkey reflection today. I saw the first one while I was shaving… : (

    Wise words, dear Carolyn, from a truly unique individual. And you’re not just unique, you’re not like anyone else I know. Uh… : P

    And furthermore… thanks! : )

    1. They are cute! Shame about the Internet connection; mine sometimes ‘slows down’ too, which causes problems with videos in particular… We’ve investigated the possible causes however, we are told there is ‘nothing wrong’ by our server… Ah well, that’s life I guess….

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