Picture it & write – Does this mean I won’t be able to walk?

Ermilia’s Picture it & write   (Sunday 30th September 2012)

Once again, here is my offering to ‘Picture it & write’ hosted by Ermilia (Ermisenda and Eliabeth) who invite others to join them by writing a fictional story or poem to accompany an image presented on their blog.


(Listen while you read)  

Picture by Belovodchenko Anton
Picture Reproduced from Ermilia’s Blog
Picture it & write

Does this mean I won’t be able to walk when I’m old?

Why oh why do I feel the urge to get myself in a tangle?

Why do I constantly engage in things that get me all twisted?

Why, when others are happy to be mediocre, do I think I have to go that extra mile?

Why, when everything is okay, do I try to make it not okay?

I’m always searching, and never finding. I’m always yearning, and never being satisfied.

Why do I do as I do?

I don’t know.

Is it because I’m an over-achiever?

Could it be that I push myself way too hard?

Is it better to be sane and under the radar, rather than seriously hyper and flying above?

Questions, and questions, and more questions.

I feel like a contortionist. I feel that I stretch and twist, and manoeuvre, and change every blessed thing about me. I try to fit. I try to be as everyone else.

I do wish I could be a little easier on myself.

I do wish I could just kick back, and relax.

Wow; wouldn’t that be nice? Wouldn’t that be pleasant to just kick back, and allow the day to go by?

Just kick back, and let it all happen.

Yeah; just kick back, and let all things roll off my shoulders. Let them fall. Yeah; let my shoulders fall.

Let my stomach rest.

Let my legs unwind.

Let them feel happy.

Yeah; wouldn’t that be nice to just ‘let go’, and relax. Ahhhhhhh.


      1. You don’t want to chug slowly through life, running constantly until your petrol runs out. You want to powerslide to a stop. Bonnet covered with leaves, dust and scattered children saying “Man what a ride!” 🙂

        1. That sounds great, Joe….
          Love the sound of that ‘powerslide to a stop’..!
          If my candle is kind, and doesn’t run out of wax; I’ll slide on my side, and meet life to the max…!

    1. Unwind, unwind, even before time…!
      Deep breathes are what is needed. Ten minutes of this, and your little body will be full of the oxygen breath of life….! Count 8 in and 4 out (Edited Correction: Should read – 4 in and 8 out… otherwise you’ll pass out.. 🙂 )… hahaaaa… 🙂
      Shallow breathing can really inhibit our little bodies… Deep breathing is such a boon, especially since (we often don’t realise during hectic/stressful times) that our breathing can become almost non-existent…! xoxoxo

  1. Very interesting. I would have gone the opposite direction with that. If I was able to get into that pose, I would not be worried about walking when I’m old because clearly I would have more than enough flexibility to lose as I age.

  2. Thank You…. sweet evil nymph….! 🙂
    I know (from history) we’ll probably have to wait until nearer the end of the week for yours… However, I can wait; you sweet, evil, nymph, witch you..! It’s getting more exciting and interesting as you go..! 🙂

  3. I know how this emotional puzzle works…it is much easier to solve – if you walk away ,come back to the problem (stressor) refreshed. I laughed out loud as I was reading your comments section… Breathe in 8 breathe out 4! If you could have seen me trying… I was relieved when I read the corrected counts!!! 🙂

    1. Oh Jess; perhaps I should put a ‘correction’ in the first of the comments…. I would feel so guilty if someone ‘passed out’… I will; I’ll insert a correction; just in case…
      🙂 I am seeing you ‘running out of breath’…
      Why am I laughing; that’s not funny…! 🙂

  4. Your opening line made me laugh out loud again, Carolyn. I like how you held onto this metaphor for the things we go through to achieve something, a dream or whatever. Makes you really envy those who can “yeah; just kick back” and accomplish stuff anyway.

    1. Great analysis, Anne; thanks for ‘getting it’…!
      We can do this to ourselves in the pursuit of ‘whatever’…. 😉
      “Kick back” – I love this term… 🙂
      Enjoy the rest of the weekend…!

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