Music Passion @ allaboutlemon

 Oh, What a Beautiful ‘Morning’  

Oklahoma – Starring Gordon MacRae & Shirley Jones

For all you fun people who want to join in this month,


is the word; either in the title, or the song itself…!  Any genre…!  Easy peasy…!  🙂

John Lee Hooker’s song ‘Hobo Blues’ won the September ‘Music Passion’ @ allabutlemon thanks to all of you great people who voted for it…  Thank you all so much for participating with your ‘like’..  🙂

Join in and have some fun…!  🙂  Go to

Dolly’s Music Passion @ allaboutlemon

for all the info needed…!  🙂

23 thoughts on “Music Passion @ allaboutlemon

  1. Yaz

    Must say I hate musicals with a passion, but this was quite funny to watch! Him on his horse singing away, and then with his lady, singing at the blessed sky! I’m glad they don’t make ’em like they used to (don’t hit me!) And the music reminded me of childhood and school musicals! I’m sure one of my schools did Oklahoma. Good luck with the competition Carolyn!

    1. Hahah Yaz, you either luv ’em or hate ’em, that’s for sure..!
      I was brought up on a diet of musicals. My parents loved them. They had all the ‘records’ of the day, which meant every musical there ever was. Lucky for me, I loved them, and was singing along to them as early as I can remember…! 🙂
      Btw: This choice wasn’t actually mine (although I love it)…. My man suggested it, which I thought was wonderful. Before he met me (10 years ago) he didn’t know any songs. Now, because I’m always singing, he knows lots and lots…. 🙂

    1. Exactly, Scott. It is funny to watch, and yet there’s a magical aspect to it that reminds me of an innocence we once had! As you say; the songs though, are timeless, and Gordon Macrae’s voice sends tingles down my spine… Call me easy…! hahah 🙂

      I remember seeing ‘West Side Story’ the picture, as well as the ‘stage play’, which I adored…! I’m certainly a frustrated musical stage play actress who would have loved to be up on stage dancing and singing her little lungs out. 😉 But, don’t tell anyone.. 😛

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    1. Not quite sure that I understand… Do you mean this part –
      ‘The corn is as high as an elephant’s eye
      And it [the corn] looks like it’s climbing clear up to the sky!’ 🙂
      Does this explain that piece, or have I misinterpreted…! 🙂

        1. Oh, you would know that…!
          I can’t say I’d noticed, but then horses are indeed your love (well, one of your loves.) He [the horse] is certainly very aware; great observation…! 🙂

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