Acknowledgment – Big, Big Thank You…!

Today is for recognising those wonderful people who thought to honour me with the precious gift of their thoughts. Thank You to all of you. I am so very grateful for your gifts.

Awarded by:
Cristi @ Simple.Interesting &
Daph @ evilnymphstuff

The Reader Appreciation Award


Cristi @ Simple.Interesting  A blog that allows you to travel the world from your own home. Cristi also shows us his love for music, showcasing many music videos..


Daph @ evil nymph stuff  is a blog full of remarkable writings by this young aspiring writer whose insights will astound and amuse you.


Thank you both very much – You both know how much I love your blogs  🙂

Awarded by Tamara @

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award


Beautiful Tamara @ girl glitz glamour guide

I adore you and your blog, which is full of great tips for looking good and having a great life.  (Oh yes, who can forget those yummy recipes.)

A big Thank You to you Tamara

Awarded by:
Cristi @ Simple.Interesting &
Daph @ evilnympstuff

Beautiful Blogger Award


Cristi @ Simple.Interesting


Daph @ evilnympstuff

Once again, these two wonderful people awarded me with The Beautiful Blogger Award.

Thank You again you guys…  I am tickled pink to receive both of these awards from you over the past month…!  🙂

Awarded by:
Jess @ Misty Maples Farm

Super Sweet Blogging Award


Jess @ Misty Maples Farm – A stroll through peaceful thoughts; adorable animals; happy family pics, and meaningful musings about life, are what await the traveller who finds themselves on Misty Maples Farm.

Jess, Thank You so much for this precious award. You know I love to visit, and the welcome I receive is heartfelt and sincere.. 

Thank You  🙂

Awarded by:
Resa @ Queen’s End &
Cristi @ Simple.Interesting

Sunshine Award


Resa @ Queen’s End is a blog full of the glamourous delights and happenings in the beautiful surrounds of Queen’s End. Resa’s humour, and fabulous writing ability will leave your heart fresh, as you capture the energy of her abode…  🙂


Cristi @ Simple.Interesting has, once again, honoured me with his kind thoughts. Visiting Cristi’s blog is a delightful experience. If you find ‘travel’ of interest, you’ll be delighted with the magnificent world pictures Cristi showcases…  🙂

Thank You Resa and Cristi for thinking of me. You both know how much I value your blogs.

Awarded by:

Inspiring Blog Award


How wonderful to receive this award from Fiammisday – a blog showcasing fashion for children. Also to be seen are mother and babe outfits for those special moments in life…  🙂

Thank You for this wonderful award. I truly enjoy your delightful blog. A big kiss…  🙂

Thank You all again for your thoughts, and your kindnesses to me and my blog. I truly love to receive your awards.

I will not be nominating anyone this time. In fact, I am thinking of creating one of my own…!  🙂

Watch out; you may very well be included…   😛


    1. Thank You Marianne… It is so lovely to receive them! I have a few more to do (I’ll pass on those awards to others). Thanks for dropping by; I really enjoy your blog, and the wonderful inspirations you share… 🙂

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