Russian Blue Reflection

Russian Blue   (Listen while you read) 


Quick; before it’s too late.

Stalk slow and easy…. Got ya!

One thing about a puss like me. I’m good….Yeah… Nothin’ wrong with me!

Beyond the ordinary walks of life we find the Russian Blue. He is as familiar with difference, as he is with time.

He is rapidly becoming a very important fact upon the world stage.

He is ravenous, he is cute, he is a million and one things all wrapped up in a boot.

Will he survive? Indeed, he will.

Will he bring change? Indeed, he will.

Will he know his place in the world? Indeed, he will.

The Russian Blue is a force to be reckoned with; ignore him at your peril.

The Russian Blue has an opinion; better to listen, than not.

The Russian Blue is demonstrative in his attempts to gather those to him he likes.

Oh yes, my friends. Ignore this little chap at your peril; he will not be quietened.

He will be heard.

Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk

Image Credit:  Bartkowski /


      1. Not much to explain. You write reflections that have almost nothing to do with animals. You know that better than anyone else.

        You talk about life, beliefs, attitude, fear, purpose, and etc., and it is a relfection of a reader himself/herself. Whatever reader needs to hear and understand that is what they are perceiving trough your words.

        Some readers are blind, some are not ready and some are getting a glimpse or two.
        Do I have to say more?

        1. Hahah…. Got me; except for one thing…!

          Everything (and I mean, everything) on earth has a particular ‘energy’ (dogs, cats, trees, flowers, insects, etc., etc.) We, as humans, are attracted to particular ‘energies’ depending upon those things we are currently experiencing. It is not a coincidence that you are attracted to the Russian Blue. He shares the energies that you are currently experiencing. Every one who is attracted to him will share many of those energies within whatever framework of life they find themselves.

          So yes, my dear Dace, I write about life, beliefs, attitude, etc., however, there is a definite link between ourselves, and those things to which we are attracted…!

          You are one wise woman, to be sure…! 😉

  1. Loved this. And from context, I gather that “Russian Blue” is the name of that type of cat. It seems entirely appropriate, as the animal is almost blue. When i first saw the title of your post, I thought “Russian Blue” sounded dirty, but then, that happens to me a lot.

    1. He is certainly a ‘cat’, and a highly intelligent one at that..! They are generally a silvery blue in colour; a most beautiful creature who adores company (not so usual for a cat).
      May we say, Smak, that your propensity toward word dysmorphism is generated by an otherwise deliberate attempt by your mind to capture the purity of said word. In other words; there is a sense of realism in which you live that can be quite charming…! 🙂

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