Angora Cat Reflection

Angora Cat   (Listen while you read)  


Soft and cuddly, sweet with a gentle heart; for my heart sees all as it is.

My love and understanding allows all things.

Yes, gentle and sweet am I.

So much to be said about this little bundle of love. We envisage many taking the trouble to read this reflection, because many would like to have its qualities.

And what are they?

So many; it is hard to choose where to start.

Remembering that those things, such as the animals we bring into our lives reflect certain qualities about ourselves; these qualities can then be an opportunity for us to see ourselves as others see us.

Sometimes, we can be in denial about our own qualities. Can we not?

Indeed, sometimes we can see ourselves as one thing, whereas others see us quite differently.

However, this is generally not the case with the Angora personality type. They see themselves, and others, quite clearly. They may not openly talk about their own qualities, however, they are aware that they are a little ‘jump’ above the rest.

Not to put a ‘too finer point to it’, the Angora lover will know how they are perceived by the rest of their world.

They will know, because they are true to their own personality type, which is one that soothes the other personality types.

Yes, my friends, the Angora personality will pour oil over troubled water. This they will do because they cannot do anything else. It is a natural part of their character.

To have an Angora personality in your life is to be a life blessed with sensitivity, love, and a deep and personal meaning to one’s existence.

Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk

Image Credit:  Helen_Bloom /


  1. This reflection sounds like my mom…she was self assured, felt no need to brag or pat herself on the back. She was also very clear as to how she was perceived by “her public” LOL…yeah this one made me remember and smile…thank you!

    1. How wonderful she must have been… I’m so pleased that you’ve been reminded of her. The ones we love can make our little hearts sing…!
      Thank You so much for sharing that with me…
      Is there a ‘reason’ behind your description – “her public”…?

  2. You’re the only other person I’ve met who’s recognized that our animals reflect who we are! You’re certainly educating me on cats…I’m wary of them and can’t see their qualities because of it (I wonder what that says). This is a really lovely post. I love your voice too. It’s very soothing. Thanks Carolyn! You’re doing such a wonderful job.

    1. Thank You Yaz… 🙂
      It is my understanding that ‘all things’ that we bring into our lives reflect a quality (positive or negative) that we are experiencing. (These qualities change throughout our life time, of course.)
      Cats, in general, do not ‘let us in’… They wish to remain a bit of a mystery to us. Most cat lovers, have a little of this desire for mystery. They wish to remain aloof, until they get to know you better. Once known, they will let you into their hearts. Perhaps this is why you are a little wary. Perhaps you feel this desire of the cat to ‘be a little aloof’.
      Thank You for your lovely compliment regarding my voice. It has taken a little while to adjust however, I’m now accepting that others find it, as you say, soothing… Thank You again, Yaz… 🙂

      1. Now THAT makes sense Carolyn…I’ve worked hard not to be so aloof all my life. It was result of my upbringing. Now I see why I’m wary of cats…I don’t like that aspect in myself, the tendency to keep myself separate. I’m referring to the negative aspects of those attributes… Amazing how it all comes back to us in the end. Thanks for your wisdom Carolyn.

        1. Happy to be of help, Yaz… I just write as I am inspired to (like the reflection). This seems to be the way I help. Most times though, I don’t know why I am writing something; I just have faith that what I am being given to write, is that which is needed… 🙂

  3. I love your reflections on the pets we own… I have always wanted to have a dog, but due to circumstances, I can’t… I pine for a pet whenever I read your posts… They mean a lot…

    1. I’m happy to ‘fill that void’; at least a little…!
      Pets bring us so much joy. Circumstances change, and people, pets, and things change too… One day a pet will be yours, I know… ‘Til then, you always have that wonderful imagination of yours…. 🙂

    1. Aha, my dear Smaktakula….. we must not be fooled by ‘outside’ appearances…
      Is it not the case that the creepy eye holds value beyond the understood, perceivable void? Do we not all have ‘the creepy eye’ to a degree..!?! Were it not for ‘the creepy eye’ one may be overlooked. What a shame that would be…….! 😉
      Glad you enjoyed it… 🙂

  4. “Indeed, sometimes we can see ourselves as one thing, whereas others see us quite differently”….One of my sisters and i had just this conversation last week…as I have absolutely no idea how I am perceived by others (weird right?); I know myself..but how I come across to others..not a clue. As for animals reflection ourselves..Oh Lordy , what can this mean for me??? 🙂

    1. You come across as a genuine lover of life, and all things sweet and good. Serene, balanced, with a heart as big as can hold a million seeds of love. Yours is indeed a well spent life, Jess.

  5. Oh, gorgeous – this is great!! I really enjoyed hearing you speak as I read. Love the picture too, awwwww 🙂

  6. “…the animals that we bring into our lives reflect certain qualities about ourselves; these qualities can then be an opportunity for us to see ourselves as others see us….”

    I am looking at my Russian Blue and thinking – No shit!

  7. How did I miss these?! I love kitties, and my cat Mike was a Turkish Van, or so the vet said. This is similar to the Angora, being also Turkish and having much the same markings and eye color. He was the sweetest boy ever!

    1. They are certainly not dissimilar; both originating from Turkey!
      If I’m inspired (or, when I’m inspired) I’ll do the Turkish Van reflection. I’m curious now myself…!

  8. I’m really drawn to your reflections. As one of the commenters here said, you have a very soothing voice. It’s also enlightening and inspiring. I loved your last sentence: “a life blessed with sensitivity, love, and a deep and personal meaning to one’s existence.”

    I have two Turkish Angora cats, who are litter mates. One has a blue and an amber eye, as in your cat illustrating your reflection. The other cat is deaf, which is also a trait found more often in white cats.

    Here’s how I got the cats. I knew that these cats would some day be mine, but I’m very happy about it. They are very different from each other, yet both affectionate (in different ways).

    1. I do believe you fit the profile of the Angora lover; it’s not surprising they are a part of your life… 😉

      I enjoyed both reads; it is quite similar to my tale regarding our little dog ‘Sweetie’.

      Eight years ago my daughter called me on the phone to ask which puppy she should choose; she was at a ‘market’ where young animals were on sale. She described one; my answer was ‘no’. She then described another saying it was a ginger colour. My answer to her: “The C.C. (Collective Consciousness) are saying yes to this one, though you will need to watch her food intake; it seems she has only little legs which won’t carry a lot of weight.” She bought the little bundle and within a year moved close to where I am now living. We looked after ‘Sabrina’ each time she had holidays; I would drive to her home each day to feed Sabrina and the lizards. One year though, they were going to the U.S. for 3 weeks; I wanted to bring Sabrina home so that she could be better looked after. Within 3 days my partner, K said he didn’t want her to leave; we had both fallen madly in love.

      The daughter was very pleased, saying her job meant she didn’t have time for Sabrina, and sadly agreed. So, she was ours (with an inbuilt sitter and ‘second owner’ when needed).

      Her name is now ‘Sweetie’ (Sabrina just didn’t suit) and she has been our little joy for almost 4 years….

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