Shih Tzu Reflection

Shih Tzu   (Listen while you read)

ShihTzuchaoss400shutterstock_117095755I just want to be loved. I’ll give anything. I’ll go anywhere. Only love me. Please love me.

(The personality of the Shih Tzu is one that needs to be loved. Generally, though not always, those of us who are attracted to the Shih Tzu have spent many a lonely hour by ourselves wondering why it is that love has forsaken us. We may be in good relationships, and yet we can feel alone and unloved. This is just an energy; one which is to be experienced (as all energies are there to be experienced).

However, this energy (that of feeling alone and unloved) can rob us of so many other experiences.

To explain: It is very difficult to relate to others who seem to be in the world.

It can be difficult to find oneself; know where one fits, when this energy of aloneness, and feeling unloved is present.

There can be a sense of separation from others; even though they may be as near as the next room, or even within the same room.

This is the energy of the Shih Tzu.

We, for whatever reason will (almost in every case) feel this energy within our lives when we are attracted to the very cute, the very sweet, the very loyal Shih Tzu.)

Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk

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  1. This is lovely Carolyn. And from my point of view, we feel alone when we don’t know how to open up ourselves…maybe from fear or whatever, but the loneliness is our lesson to open the heart. Little doggy is so so loveable! Hug him to the heart!

    1. Very well said, Yaz…
      Yes, the little Shih Tzu is adorable. I had two Shih Tzus many years ago. This reflection is certainly a true reflection of me, as I was at that time…! 🙂

  2. I forgot to answer you about why I changed my name; My real name is Cecilie Ulrikke, and some of my friends call my Cecilie, while someone call me Ulrikke – But I never use both of them.. Sounds wierd, I know! 😉 I wasn’t sure which name I should use on my site – but recived some e-mail from people about them not knowing how to pronounce Ulrikke, so I thought it would just be easier to change 🙂

    Hope your doing fine 🙂

    1. I love both… 🙂
      I’m doing really good, Thank You, Cecilie (err Ulrikke) haha…
      They are both lovely names; you call yourself whatever you like.. 🙂
      Have a wonderful weekend… 😉

    1. Sometimes, the really little ones have the biggest personalities with lots of ‘get up and go’. They also don’t ‘eat’ much, or ‘take up much space’ – leaving food and space for others… 😉 😉 😉

  3. The Shih Tzu is indeed a wonderful dog. We had two who loved to sit on our laps (until they had enough of that and then they were gone). Another wonderful AND VERY SMART DOG that we had was an Australian Silky Terrier. He wanted nothing more than to please his owners. He quickly learned all sorts of tricks but, alas and alac, he could not keep from a strong desire to mark his territory (outside and inside). Goodby to Max, we missed him.

    1. I couldn’t agree more, Waldo. I also had two Shih Tzus, and loved my time with them.
      The Australian Silky is also so gorgeous. Unfortunately they don’t live long enough; more’s the pity.
      Thank You for visiting…. 🙂

      1. Hahaha! The idea of getting cats to believe anything other than that they’re letting us live in their house is a good one. Oh yes, and we are allowed to feed them. Love it here! xoxo

  4. Very inspiring!
    I sometimes felt these feelings of being unloved and lonely but I know I should not stick to them for too long or else I will remain as such, when in fact I can cause this situation to change. By my thoughts. By my willpower 🙂

    1. I believe that most of us have those feelings at some time in our life, Daph. As you allude to in your comment; the mind is a powerful tool when we direct its thoughts. On the other hand; it is a powerful tool if we don’t….. I know which side of that coin I like to stand…! 🙂 😉 🙂

    1. If I were one of your Persian boys I would definitely say NO….!
      Don’t get me wrong, I love the gorgeous Shih Tzu (having known the love of them) however; I also have known the love of the Persian too, and, if I were you, I would wait until that inevitable time when the famous Persians are inhaling catnip in the sky before embarking on the love of the (as famous) love of the delightful Shih Tzu.
      After all; there is only so much love one can tolerate at any one time… haha…
      I adore the Persian..! 🙂

    1. And, I think this beastie captures all and sundry who fall into its web of delight, Smaktakular, indeed…! 🙂
      Of course, the way to extricate ourselves from any energy is to WANT something else with all our heart and mind….. 🙂 That sets the ball rolling… 🙂

    1. Oh, that got a laugh from deep inside of me, Scott…. (the bit about pictures; that is…) 🙂
      Maybe it’s my Aussie drawl that keeps you comin’ back… haha..
      Love your comments, and your company, Scott… xoxoxo

      1. well this will make you laugh out loud – just spotted a Blog Award for “procrastination” which was delivered to me on the 19 July ha ha – but it’s okay – I have kept track of the timeline and they are still in the que behind you (for a response)

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