Toothsome Story Game

Follow along, and join in the fun

Check out how the game is played @  Toothsome Story Game page  and join the fun..!  🙂


Once upon a Toothsome day,

the light shone on Harry’s

fine threads as he strutted…

Update:  Yay…!  Resa, over at Queen’s End has added her 5 words to our Toothsome story

Check it out here

Here’s hoping that Phil over at Random Thoughts will continue the story….


Thanks Phil….  🙂  Have some fun…  🙂

I have heard from Phil today. He said: “Carolyn, I’m probably not the best person to tag for these kinds of games, as I don’t log into my WordPress account with any sort of regularity these days! Just noticed this now – hope I didn’t leave the thread hanging.”

No Phil; you didn’t leave the thread hangin’….  I totally understand and appreciate your situation.    🙂

However; Phil also suggested 5 words for our story. They are; 

‘fine threads as he strutted’, which I think are awesome…  Thanks Phil..  🙂 

Next to be Tagged –


I recently (good heartedly) threatened Resa @ Queen’s End (see the comments below) that she would be my next tag… Here it is Resa; true to my word; I tag you to be the next 5 word creator in our Toothsome story…..  🙂  Good luck..!  I know you will do a great job…!  🙂

Carolyn Page


    1. Oh, you are definitely my next tag, my dear Resa…. 🙂
      The fun thing about this one is you can be as silly as you wish… haha..
      For me that’s easy peasy…. it comes so naturally.. haha 🙂 😉 🙂

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