Music Passion @ allaboutlemon

Hobo Blues by John Lee Hooker

Dolly’s Music Passion @ allaboutlemon

September choice by Jaz over at her Buddha Blog


is ‘Blues’…  🙂

I have searched high and low for the ‘Blues’

I’ve heard some fantastic music, and here’s my selection

I hope you all enjoy… John Lee Hooker singing

Hobo Blues – A live performance in 1965 at ‘American Folk Blues Festival’.

Wow; can he sing and play….!   🙂

Be sure to get on over to Dolly’s blog and check out all of the entries…  😉

21 thoughts on “Music Passion @ allaboutlemon

    1. Yay…! I haven’t ever been a ‘blues’ music follower BUT…. boy have I found some fabulous blues music during the past week or so… It has been so hard to decide which one to go with. When I heard this one though, I was hooked… He is fantastic…!

    1. You know Smaktakula, I love music; all types of music. I’m rather embarrassed to say I hadn’t heard of this man (and his music) before searching for a Blues piece to enter this month’s Music Passion.
      What a talent…! Hope all is well with you…! 🙂

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