Okapi Reflection

Okapi   (Listen while you read)


The Okapi personality is one that needs no introduction.

In fact, please do not introduce the Okapi personality if you know what is good for you.

They, the Okapi personality is one that envisages itself in a way that others don’t. Confused? Yes? No?

I think the ayes have it; and no wonder. If you know an Okapi personality you will know that this personality will ensure that it is known.

Oh yes, dear friends. The Okapi personality will put itself forward. It does not need you to do this.

The Okapi personality will have its way regardless of your thoughts, or the thoughts of the majority. You see, dear ones, the Okapi personality will venture into areas unknown. This it will, dear friends. It will venture into areas unknown and have little regard for the consequences.

It shall meander here and meander there. It will squabble about having the right to do whatever it wishes to do. However, dear friends; know that the Okapi personality will not give to you the same rights.

Do you understand now, dear ones? Do you understand the Okapi personality?

Have no fear, however, know that you are dealing with a recalcitrant personality who shall make you suffer should you interfere in what they believe to be a personal right.

Better to leave the scene, dear one, then to try to mix it with a nature as obstinate as this.

Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk

Image Credit:  CCat82 / Shutterstock.com


  1. Happy Morning, Thanks for sharing Carolyn. Not sure if I am in this category now? Regards and best wishes for the day !!!

    1. I think you may have to wait a little while to find out what you are Miz Jaz… I think that you’ll surprise yourself…! There’s a butterfly associated with you…. just you wait and see… 😉

  2. Due to slow internet connection I could not listen but this sounds interesting. I cannot be one because i am just too fearful of consequences

    1. Well that’s a very good thing (fearful of consequences, that is). 😉
      The Okapi personality is a bit of a bulldozer… he’s going to have his way in whatever he does, and we had better not get in his way…!
      I’ve known one or two like this throughout my life…!!! 😉

    1. Agreed Sharmishtha…..
      They certainly have little regard for others, that’s for sure….!!
      I have come in contact with this personality and although I have compassion for them I believe it would be foolish to try to counsel them. They really don’t want help because they feel that they are right in whatever they do…! Aghhhh… best to avoid them if possible..!

    1. Yes Kim, though I love the look of him… When I was scouting for pics (I hadn’t seen one before looking) I was truly amazed by his colouring/pattern. He’s a gorgeous looking creature. I was inspired to choose the one above simply, I believe, because of the less than flattering body position. Really though, he’s a magnificent looking animal, and, as you say; he’s certainly a mix of horse and zebra…. cute… 😉

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