Quokka Reflection

Quokka   (Listen while you read)  


The Quokka is a mammal.

What is a mammal?

A mammal is a warm blooded creature, that suckles its young until the child/animal is capable of maintaining itself.

And this is what the Quokka personality does.

It suckles its child until it is ready to maintain life in a fashion that will hold it in good esteem.

However, there are always exceptions to every rule. Are there not? Yes?

“Yes,” we hear you say. “There are always exceptions to every rule.”

This is truth, dear friends. Look about you and you will see exceptions here and there; exceptions that prove the rule, dear friends.

Yes, it is the exceptions that prove the rule. How else would we know if a rule was workable? That’s right. We know that a rule is workable by the exceptions that prove its workability.

And this is what we would ask of the Quokka personality. Look about you and see if indeed the rules that you follow are workable. If they are; well and good. If they are not, then we would recommend that you investigate the rule to see if indeed it could be stretched to include other understandings.

Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk

August 6 2012

Image Credit:  Adwo / Shutterstock.com

For greater clarification I would like to add the following  scenario to ‘open out’ the reflection a little more in a practical sense.

The individual who requested this reflection enjoys being a Quokka personality in that he suckles individuals in a business sense; educating and training them until they are capable of self-motivation and expertise. However, he is currently in an environment where helping others has become detrimental to him in a variety of ways. Therefore, he now must investigate the condition in which he finds himself in order to ascertain whether or not his fundamental rule of assisting others (in this scenario) is the exception to an otherwise satisfying and workable rule.


      1. have met quite a handful myself, and would have loved to become one myself. but i dont have the mentoring tendency, i share my views, feelings and let others decide what they want in their life.

        1. That is a form of mentoring too; and it may change as you go through your life…
          The only constant is ‘change’…. Don’t be surprised; your future hasn’t arrived yet; you may surprise yourself with a more forthright method of delivering your wisdom..! 😉

            1. Hahaha… My dear Sharmishtha; your form of mentoring is wonderful. It holds up beauty/ideas/love/mystery (the list could go on forever). What I mean is that your ‘delivery’ of your innate wisdom/knowledge/love/responsibility toward your fellow man/kindness (this list is also endless) may be delivered in a somewhat different manner as you go through your beautiful soul deep life… Your heart is so wonderful and vast – and reaches many today, and will reach many more in the years to come…. It’s a pleasure to know you….

  1. I think I’m a Quokka. I need to cut off the food supply so the grown folks in my life can learn to fend for themselves. *Sigh* I won’t I’ll keep nursing as long as I’m needed. *sigh*
    I love being introduced to these lovely animals you share with us.

  2. I’d never heard of a quokka before. Cute critters. I know the personality type, though–wonderful people to know and learn from, but as s/he is seeing, sometimes taken advantage of.

    1. He’s a cute little fellow. Not very big, about the size of a large domestic cat. He belongs to the macropod family. (Kangaroos and Wallabies)

      Yes Smaktakula, that’s the problem, yes indeed…
      Wonderful types, yet prone to being taken advantage of…

  3. Possibly with the situation you describe it doesn’t have to be a position of either or. Perhaps it is like a spiral staircase, we change direction several times on the way up.

    1. That is certainly the ideal, yes I agree with you… I think the last sentence alludes to this:
      (we would recommend that you investigate the rule to see if indeed it could be stretched to include other understandings.)
      I believe you are suggesting that we become conscious of our behaviour, at all times, and modify it to suit the condition….. I couldn’t agree more however Brett; the Quokka personality is a somewhat overly trusting individual who gives a little too much of themselves to all that they do. Some can’t change this aspect of their personality without a great deal of help to actually realise that they are harming themselves. They are generally incredibly loving people and try hard to do the right thing…!

      1. Actually, I was alluding to the fact that people do not fit into categories or labels but rather we change and face different directions as we evolve as people. Some introverts can be found in front of an audience while extroverts may be prone to solitude as well. When we or others find names for ourselves it is a disservice to our ability to be dynamic and change.

        1. Yes, Brett – changing and evolving is indeed the ideal. It is a terrible thing to see some ‘stuck’ in either the labels that they place upon themselves, or those foisted upon them… very sad indeed…

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