Picture it & write – Shadows in My Mind

Ermilia’s Picture it & write  (Sunday 29 July 2012)

Once again here is my offering to ‘Picture It & Write’ hosted by Ermilia (Ermisenda and Elizabeth) who invite others to join them by writing a fictional story or poem to accompany an image presented on their blog.


Namibia Haze by Peter Bruyns
Reproduced from Ermilia’s Blog

Shadows; they were as shadows in my mind.

I tried, I stumbled, I fumbled with those shadows in my mind.

Were they real? Were they real?

I didn’t know; I only knew they would not leave.

They held me as a prisoner. They tortured me.

They returned when I would least expect it.

They demeaned me. They were me.

I grew to understand them as I knew myself.

They were me and yet, they weren’t.

Somewhere deep inside me they lay.

Somewhere, where the sunlight did not shine; they lay in wait.

In my darkest moments they would appear.

Shadows; in my mind.

Carolyn Page


  1. Great work, Carolyn. I also really liked the dark edge of revealing that these shadows were in fact ourselves. A meaningful contribution that takes a peek at our complicated psyche. Thanks for contributing this week to Picture it & write!

    – Ermisenda

    1. Thanks so much, Ermisenda..
      I’m loving writing; it’s a wonderful way to express yourself… Coming from me, that must sound a very strange thing to say, and yet, this ‘style’ of writing is different to anything I’ve done before….
      Thanks again… 🙂

    1. Yes Sharmishtha, I thought the same thing… One so light hearted; the other dark!
      Pictures can evoke such extremes!
      I love the pics that you showcase on your blog; they are generally so light and full of possibilities…! 🙂

    1. Thank You Kim…. Yes, sad under tones for sure..!
      I think as a writer we can draw, not only from our own experiences (of which I have had many sad ones) but also from the experiences around us that we understand and feel….
      This style of writing certainly opens up a world of possibilities….

      1. Yes it does. I think as a writer I am so much better now that I’m seasoned with many different spices. I can draw on emotions I experienced over a year and some how breathe life in my writing. I understand what you’re saying 100%.

        1. I love those – seasoned with many different spices… 🙂
          – breathe life in my writing… 😉
          Well said Kim…. Yes, a little experience goes a loooooong way…! 🙂

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