Echidna – Spiny Anteater Reflection

Echnida – Spiny Anteater   (Listen while you read)  

What’s wrong with you? Get out of my way stupid !   Get out. Get out. Get out of my way.

(Indeed; what’s wrong with people these days. They stand in your way when you’re walking the street. They hold you up at traffic lights when the light has turned green. They send shivers down your back when they speak to their children. The list could go on and on and on and on. What’s wrong with people???????

imageAhhhhhhh; that feels better.

And this is what we would say to the Echidna personality. Yes, this is what we would suggest to the Echidna personality.

Let it out, Echidna personality. Let it out. Let out all of those little pent up feelings that you experience throughout your day. That’s right. Let out all of those mindless things you see being done about you. It will not do you any good to store them inside. No, dear one, this will most certainly not do. Let them out where they can do no harm. That’s right. Let them out to explore the world under their own pressure; and not yours.

We jest, dear one. They will not do any harm to another, provided that you allow them escape into the ethers. That is right, dear heart. Yell, scream or wriggle them out, if needs be.)

Carolyn Page  –  ABC of  Spirit Talk

Image Credit:  Les Scholz/


    1. Yes Rumpydog… sounds like he needs to let go of his frustrations though before he bulldozes someone into the ground…., or explodes himself, or just has a lousy day…..
      Now, I know that ‘you’ wouldn’t do that….. 😉

    1. Absolutely gigoid….
      Garbage in, garbage out….. so very true, and an absolute must to stop us rusting inside – if we make it, we should shake it….!
      Though gigoid; I know what the gigo stands for; what does the ‘id’ stand for?
      Excuse my ignorance – Is it ‘identification’?

      1. Aye, that is the idea…. I pronounce it Gheegoyd, with both G’s hard, like in Godzilla. A gigoid (me) is a computer humanoid… I chose it years ago in computer school, to remind me of the gigo principle, and as a reminder to make sure all my data is complete before I hit enter…. And it’s not ignorance, because in my world, there is no such thing as a dumb question…. 🙂

  1. when a heart is shattered to pieces it takes up this personality. when one becomes like this one should immediately start acting on healing oneself (I have been in that phase, not that severely but really badly before getting healed by some angels).

    1. I’m so pleased for you Sharmishtha; it must have been an awful experience.! I’m also pleased that you sought help and now are healed.
      Naturally, there will be those who will feel the ‘general’ frustrations of being a human being in today’s fast paced world. There are so many frustrations that so many face. It is better not to let those frustrations develop further by not releasing them as they begin… else we end up so full to overfull – as I believe must have happened to you. Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment. 🙂

      1. I did not sought their help, they voluntarily showered it down on me. i used to visit a blog run by deepak chopra’s daughter till they shifted to facebook. the bloggers there changed my opinion about human beings for better.

        i used to be really unfit for this world, too much ignorant about human vices, i expected human beings to be angels, i paid my fees, learned my lessons and then after healing i started to accept human beings the way they are without hurting myself.

  2. I’ve met Echidna people. It’s a little more time and giving, but they can be adorable in their own way. Carolyn’s Blog is so cool. Her posts evoke all kinds of thought.

  3. I hope and pray that I am past that stage in life. I now just ask my “dear ones” to solve the problem. It seems to work.

    1. He’s the cutest little guy; the Echidna… he’s an Australian ‘egg-laying’ mammal… 😉
      Yes Kim, I agree; I think we can all take a leaf from this little book..!
      Better to get it out quick before it starts to ferment… haha
      I know when I was younger I used to store all of life’s woes inside. Naturally, there would come a time when I would ‘explode’… like Mount Vesuvius…
      Not a pretty picture, at all… 🙂

    1. Yes Smaktakula, the individual who requested this gorgeous little creature (and who is very attracted to this little guy) agrees that he has quite a problem with this part of his nature. This is where the reflections can be of such great benefit; sometimes it takes a little critter, like this one, to show us the way…!! Hurrah for critters…! 😉

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