Ibex (General) Reflection

Ibex  (General)   (Listen while you read)

Ibek400bikeriderlondonshutterstock_145221745Today we have the wonderful Ibex to see.

And this is what the Ibex personality does; it ‘sees’.

Yes, this wonderful personality has the innate ability to see those things around it that others fail to see.

We shall explain:

(Some personalities close their eyes to their surrounds; they do not want to see.

Yes, this is as some personalities are.

They do not wish to see because it causes them pain. This is does.

It causes them pain to see the reality of their surrounds.

This can cause great distress for such personalities.

And why does this cause distress? We’ll tell you:

This causes distress because sooner or later the truth shall dawn upon them, and they will feel bewilderment at their lack of objectivity. This they will. They will feel a lack of objectivity, and this shall cause them distress.

Therefore, it is better to be as the Ibex personality and allow ourselves to see our surrounds as they truly are; not tainted with the brush of deceit nor self deceit. No, dear friends. It is better to see those things that surround us with a clear vision that protects us.

“Protects us,” we hear you say!

Yes, my dear friends; seeing those things that surround us with clear intent, protects us.

And from what does it protect us?

From our own lack, should we fail to see with clear sight. This is right, dear ones. We are far better protected from our surrounds when we allow the ‘truth’ to be seen.)

Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk

Image Credit:  bikeriderlondon / Shutterstock.com


    1. I was too busy a-boppin’ and a-groovin’ to the music. I occasionally looked up and saw some of your artistry and Kira (if I’ve spelt her name incorrectly I’ll change it later) to notice anything. Honestly, I was groovin’.
      I’m off to have a look!

        1. I’m back!
          That’s one gooooood sound baby….!
          I saw it; gorgeous; so proud and strong…
          (I’m still a’boppin’ in mah seat…!) 🙂
          Have a good one, Jaz…. 🙂

    1. Hi Resa, I just found your comment in the spam folder…!!! Naughty spam!

      Yes, it’s better to remain ‘objective’, which allows us to see more clearly. Our emotions, our wants, our needs (at times) to be everything to all people can cause us not to see the truth of a matter…. It’s certainly worth working towards… clear sight…. a journey, of course… 😉

  1. Lovely. The ibex is a critter I tend to forget about, but it’s a neat looking beastie.
    I think perception and seeing is so important, maybe even fundamental, as we build almost our entire reality on the basis of our perceptions. If they’re flawed (greatly flawed, I mean; since perception is OUR interpretation of the world, it’s never going to be spot-on, I think) it can undermine everything.

    As always, I love the audio portion.
    And, you might be amused to know, that because I’m trying to broaden the number of accents in my repetoire (as in, more than 1.5!), I sometimes talk along with your recording. Yes, I do sound like a crazy-person, but fortunately I have my own office so I can be crazy in private.

    1. My partner K asked for it! Yes, he’s a neat looking beastie alright.!

      Go right ahead; if that’s what you want to do I’ll enjoy picturing you capturing the Aussie drawl whilst tucked up in your sanctuary….!!! 🙂

        1. That would indeed be wonderful Sharmishtha; however, I don’t live a such a country either. I live in Australia where kangaroos, emus, koalas, crocodiles and other such animals live. We don’t have creatures such as this one here; though, I’d love to be able to go out of my door and see them too.
          We do have crows, sparrows, stray cats (generally not stray dogs – they get picked up by our RSPCA and taken to shelters).
          We shall just have to continue to use our imaginations and the world wide web to enjoy all the animals that live in our world…. 🙂

          1. i too imagine a lot, specially after shifting to kolkata. 🙂

            the wildlife of australia is as amazing as africa. i will love to see a koala or kangaru some day, may be a tasmanian devil too.

    1. Oh you make me smile sweet Kim… It made me blush too… As I mentioned; I clicked that ‘Publish’ button with some trepidation… haha… 🙂
      Now though, that ‘the cat is out of the bag’, I’m rather looking forward to allowing this aspect a little more freedom…
      Old dogs, new tricks – comes to mind..! 😉 – scary…..

    1. Yes, I agree…. Sometimes we may not like what we see; however, to close our eyes to ‘truth’ only brings a downfall of some kind… Better to see what is real and be protected by that attitude….. I find you to be very wise Sharmishtha…

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