Awards from some Wonderful People

Over the past month or so I have received a number of nominations for Awards. No excuses folks; I’ve just been lazy.  So today, with little to do (thank goodness) I’m putting them all into one big post.

Thank You All for giving me your time and your thoughts; I’ve truly been made to feel so happy to be amongst you…  🙂

The Beautiful Blogger
Award by Dolly @ allaboutlemon
allaboutlemon by Dolly

 Dolly is indeed a Beautiful Blogger

Thank you so much for this award my dear friend. May you have given to you all the love (and more) that you give to others…  xoxoxo

There were no rules with this one, apart from thanking whomsoever nominated you….

Thanks again dear Dolly…

I would like to pass this award on to

Resa McConaghy from Queen’s End

I know that you are very busy with your work project at this moment Resa however; I’d be very happy were you to accept this award…  🙂

Tell Me About Yourself
From Resa @ Queen’s End

Awarded by Resa McConaghy from Queen’s End

Resa’s individual take on life; her enthusiasm for living and her delightful stories of her exploits throughout her frank, honest and open moments will captivate you.

And now for the rules:

1. Thank you Resa; you are such a delight.

2. Seven things about me that I haven’t shared.

(i)  I love eating vegetables… boring but true!   (ii)  I sing all the time.   (iii)  My dog Sweetie eats very well… I spoil her with really good food… home made!  iv)  I love observing others.  (v) I am really very quiet when I’m not noisy!!!!!  (vi)  I love a good joke… did you hear the one ‘bout…..  (vii)  I’m a romantic… I hate to admit that!  Not the crying over a movie type romantic… someone giving me something ‘cause they love me romantic…!

3. Nominate 7 bloggers…

Remembering that we are under no obligation I’d love to nominate you guys just because I love your blogs – (some very new and some old friends):

You’ve Been Hooked

You’ve Been Hooked  by The Hook


Promethean Times

  Promethean Times  by smaktacula 



Day Dream

     Day Dream by Samiisabelle



Four Blue Hills

  Four Blue Hills




  youjivinmeturkey by Bradley



Land-Sea-Sky – LATHAIL  A window on the photography of Scott Marshall

 Land-Sea-Sky – Lathail  by Scott Marshall




 J.D. Gallagher  by Himself


Sisterhood of the World
Bloggers Award
From Resa @ Queen’s End


Awarded by Resa McConaghy from Queen’s End

Once again Resa has made my little heart sing by thinking of me ‘twice’… 

And on to the rules:

1.  Thank you so much Resa, my little heart is singing…  🙂

2.  7 things about me …. again!

(i)   I love all types of music …!  (ii)   I don’t suffer from boredom; except when I do.  (iii)   I love words….!  (iv)  I enjoy Thai food.  (v)   I am a stickler for cleaniness!!!!!   (vi)   I used to make my bed before I did anything; well, that was before WordPress…..  (vii)  I’m loving Downton Abbey!

Now on to my 7 nominations:

Because I think these gals are great:

Now girls, I know that most of you have received lots of awards BUT, they were not from me for being great gals. You don’t have to do anything ’bout it (unless you’ve got some time to spare). What’s that?




Silentlyheardonce  by Kim




 allaboutlemon  by Dolly



Tracie Louise Photography

  tracielouisephotography  by Tracie Louise




  terry1954  by Terry



  catseyesk by Jazfagan




  neighaway by Catherine



Musings of a 22 year old

  Musings of a 22 year old  by Shalvika P



I’m really feeling the heat from this one

A Real Cool Cat

Awarded by My Three Moggies

1. Thank You for this award guys – Archie, Oscar & Henry are three real cool cats who get to sleep on Mum’s soft warm bed and otherwise enjoy the benefits of cat heaven here on earth….!   🙂

2.  This award is 8 x 8 – 8 things about yourself  plus 8 nominations.

(i)  I enjoy having conversations about ‘you name it’….  (ii)  I heard a real cool joke the other day!  (iii)  I am seriously into cooking (when I get the chance)  (iv)  I love to wear my long hair up.  (v)  I wish hair didn’t go grey as we aged;  pink or green maybe, but not grey! (vi)  My partner K spoils me rotten.  (vii)  K spoils me rotten because I’m a good cook.  (viii)  I enjoy eating a really big hamburger with chips that we get from one of the local pubs; like, once every 3 months or so (it’s a great treat).

My nominations are:  (I feel like someone should hand me an envelope!)

I’ve recently been introduced to more bloggers on WordPress who are making a great contribution to our blogging world. I’d like to nominate a few of them plus a few of my older blogging friends. Once again guys:  There is no obligation; I just want to let you know that I appreciate your support and your blogs…. 




Ermiliablog  by Elizabeth & Ermisenda




JOE2POETRY  by a Dublin Scientist



All things interesting

The good, the bad, and the ugly

All things interesting by sphrbn



Anne Schilde

Anne Schilde



Just Fletcher

You cannot depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus

Just Fletcher by Melouisef



Fashion & Style Guru

Fashion & Style Guru



The Long Way Home

The Long Way Home by Dace



Sharmishtha Basu

Sharmishtha Basu


 Once again, many thanks to those who have taken the time to like,  make comments and support my blog… I really do appreciate you…  Happy Blogging   🙂


    1. And to you. I love your blog; I love feathers; I love tassles; I love bling… 🙂
      Great eye candy can be seen in your posts…. 🙂
      Thanks for your support…

  1. Congratulations my dear Carol 🙂 You deserved all these awards… xoxo and thank you so much too for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award, it’s very inspiring and I am so honored to accept it 🙂 mmmwahhh

  2. geezes, I am way too honored to bore you with my: “..thank you, you shouldn’t have, I think you rock, You inspire me, I wish you’d adopt me…”

  3. congratulations Carolyn on all your awards – completely justified – very flattered by your nomination but I too havent replied to my last 2 awards myself so I have been as lazy as you remarked so I will have to try and do better 😀

  4. Thank you for the nomination! I also enjoyed that the things you listed about yourself were positive. I was just commenting on another blog that I don’t see enough of that. I think it’s very refreshing when someone is grateful for the things they have. Not only is it simply an attractive quality in a human being, but it has positive health-benefits. I doubt I’m telling you anything you don’t know.

    And what kind of dog is Sweetie? I’m gonna go with stereotypes and say Queensland Heeler.

    1. Thank You… so glad that you enjoyed the nomination.. 🙂
      Seriously (and I try not to go there too often) – I agree; life is way tooo short not to spend as much of it as possible being light hearted! (Objectivity leads the way!)

      I love the connection; thanks for thinking of me in this way however; she (Sweetie) is a mix of Long Haired Chihuahua and Pomeranian. If you have a look at my profile there is a pic of her there with her favourite toy. She’s a delight!

  5. Thank you dear Carolyn. I accept your award. I will thank you on my next post, whenever that is. Oh my dear, I’m doing 14 hour days with 10 hours turn around. I’m down to sneaking onto my 1/2 dozen fav Blogs.

    1. That’s so sweet of you, thank you….
      I only do it because I love it; I think it’s my way of being creative… 😉
      and, Thank You for receiving my gift… 🙂

  6. Thank you my dear sister writer. I am honored to receive this award from you. I’ve fallen behind yet again. But rest assured I will pass this award on. 😀 Thanks again you are so thoughtful.

    1. “My dear sister writer” – has a nice ring to it!…:)
      Your are most welcome Kim… Sorry for the heat wave you’re experiencing… we are in the middle of winter… wish I could send some of it your way! I too, love the colder days where one can snuggle up with a soft blanket and warm drinks… Oh well, guess we have to have ‘all’ seasons. The flowers wouldn’t know when to bloom otherwise… 😉

  7. You deserve ’em all, even if they do cut down on your virtual closet space… : )

    That was interesting about how your dog eats Thai food and likes to sing. Perhaps I should go back and read that part again… : P

    Sincere congrats, Carolyn!

    1. Thank You Mark…. 😉

      My little ‘Sweetie’ loves to eat and, indeed would eat Thai food if it were on offer… 🙂
      You are not altogether off the ‘mark’ (hee hee) when you speak about singing.
      ‘Sweetie’ takes great delight singing her little heart out to the birds who would partake of her ‘treats’. Can’t trust those birds…! 🙂 ))))))))

    1. Thank You… I was just over at your place… The site of Henry and Archie made me speechless. There were so many things I could have said and yet, all I could think about was the beauty that our pets give to us…
      I thought I’d go away and allow myself a little time to respond – and here I am doing it here…. 😉

      1. 🙂 They would not make you speechless at 5:20am this morning UK time meowing like crazy as they want breakfast early :-). I really have spoilt these moggies, but they do give me so much joy over all.

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