For The Love of Haiku – 6

Haiku - 6

Yes love, dinner’s here!

frogs legs, aliens, na,na

And a marinade!

‘Oh, Gruesome’


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allaboutlemon by Dolly

My dearest Dolly, I had such fun with this one…. I tried being serious, really I did….!  🙂

26 thoughts on “For The Love of Haiku – 6

    1. Hi Resa,
      This particular Haiku (which is a form of Japanese poetry) asks for three lines consisting of
      1st line – 5 syllables
      2nd line – 7 syllables
      3rd line – 5 syllables
      There’s more to it than that, and I don’t really adhere to its formal qualities – I just like having a bit of fun…. 🙂

          1. Yay! This is awesome. In my short hour I have to Blog, it’s you I’m here with. Have to go to bed. It was a good first day of filming. The camera is my master until mid September.

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