Golden Retriever Reflection

Golden Retriever   (Listen while you read)

Just a soppy little puppy like the one my mummy had. I like picnics and lunches. I’m just a soppy little puppy, the one my mummy had.

 I’m all grown up now, of course. I haven’t changed a bit you know.

I like being who I am. I haven’t changed much over the years. I guess I’m still that cute little puppy my mummy had.

And you know I’ll never change. No, I never will.


The Golden Retriever personality is full of joy. When it is not full of joy it is miserable. What are we saying? We are saying, dear friends, that the Golden Retriever personality is one which can be either hot or cold. That is right, dear friends. The Golden Retriever personality has a long way to go to maturity. That is to say, dear ones; the Golden Retriever personality matures slowly. This it does. Does this surprise, dear friends? Yes? No?

For those to whom this comes as a surprise we say. Read on dear one and let us know if what we say is truth.

Do you not see this personality wanting to be cuddled and petted. Yes? No? To be sure, dear friend, this personality enjoys the warmth of love that it can receive by staying close to those of a more, shall we say ‘mature’ nature; to be sure, dear heart.

To those of you who say ‘No’; we say.

Time will tell, dear heart. You may change your mind about this in the time to come. We ask that you ‘keep an open mind’ and allow the truth of what is shown to you to become a part of you.

Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk


    1. “he didn’t bark until they were leaving.”
      And then it was probably to ask them to come back…! 🙂
      Kim, they are a beautiful dog… especially around kiddies…. 😉

  1. Beautiful!
    I so love dogs.
    But I can see a lot of bathing and brushing goes into getting a nice photo – with my light coloured dogs at least

    1. The pic of this one is gorgeous; that’s for sure.
      I think I found this one in the public domain in Wikipedia… 🙂
      What type of dogs do you have? &
      Does the *sneeze* mean you’re allergic? 😉

      1. I have pavement specials from an animal shelter, – always saying I do not want dogs with long hair. Guess what?
        Three of the four have long hair and two are supposed to be white (only for about 12 hours after they had a bath)
        They love garden err… perfume, and that makes me sneeze.

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