Pit Bull (General) Reflection

Pit Bull (General)   (Listen while you read)

PitbullCameron_Whitman400shutterstock_130703435By hook or by crook I’ll show ’em.

(Yes, the Pit Bull personality is one which has an edge to it.

It refuses to believe that life cannot be good.

It has a sincere nature; however, when exposed to the realities of life it has a habit of retreating. It does this in order to protect itself.

It has the innate desire to be of good; however, this too is grounded in a reality that is built upon shifting sand.

It is this innate desire to do good that causes it to see the world through rose coloured glasses, at times.

If it were not for those around this personality, many a thing would not be achieved; for, this personality refuses, at times, to see the consequences of their actions.

Indeed, this trait can be the cause of many a Pit Bull personality’s world crashing around them when the good does not prevail.

And what is needed for this personality type to align more with the realities of life?

Just that, my friends. This personality type must allow the realities of our world to enter their domain of longing-ness, find truth in the reality that prevails, and allow truth to be its guide; rather than the rose coloured view that causes them so much angst.)

Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk

Image Credit:  Cameron_Whitman / Shutterstock.com


    1. When I was a young girl (’bout 10 or 11) a (not so nice) family lived down the street. One day, as I was on my way home, one of the sons skitched their pet pit bull onto me from a distance. I heard him say “go get her, boy”. You can imagine how scared I was. The pit bull got within a very short distance from me (I was running by this time) when I heard the father’s voice calling the dog back. Never in my life was I so pleased to hear this awful man’s voice. However, although it took me some years to get past the fear that this experience caused me, I never ever blamed the dog.

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