Staffordshire Bull Terrier Reflection

Staffordshire Bull Terrier   (Listen while you read)


Highly strung! Perhaps I am. Keen, alert and true.

Much has man given for guys like me to do.

I’m just your average wanderer. I have a sense of pride.

I like to be alone, at times, with no one by my side.

I’m just an average puppy dog letting life go by.

Not much is happening, because I’m not that type of guy.

(Cool, calm and collected; I’d like to be that guy.

I do have a sense of self, and yet I’d like to think I try

To be the type of puppy dog, letting life go by

And yet here I am, with no one by my side.

It sometimes feels that I’m alone, and yes; my company is grand

And yet I’d like someone near and dear to sometimes lend a hand.


It would seem that although the Staffordshire Terrier personality enjoys their own company. He/she would like to know that someone (close-by) enjoys their frame of mind as much as they do.

It isn’t always easy for those of us with higher ideals. No; at times they can be isolating.

What would we say to the Staffordshire personality?

We would say:

Follow your dream, dear heart. Do not waiver in your attempt for perfection. It is a wonderful goal.)

Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk

Image Credit:  Richard_Chaff  /



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