San Diego, CA, USA Reflection

San Diego, CA, USA

San Diego Docks at Night

What can be said about this famous city? What indeed, dear friends. A multitude of happenings within this city will lead to adventure and fun.

No doubt, this will come as a surprise for some; however, we would like for you all to know that this was not how it was originally intended. No, dear friends. San Diego was host to a multitude of ‘other’ happenings in its beginnings. It was given the fame and fortune that it has acquired today because of the influx of peoples who, by their sheer will and talent, allowed a city of magnificent proportions to appear.

It was this foresight of a few that saved the city and gained it the reputation of today. Not due to providence. No, dear friends; not due to providence was this city’s beginnings. No, this city’s beginnings were framed in misconceptions and lies.

Oh yes, dear friends; investigate its history and all will be revealed. However, be that as it may today this city can boast a multitude of graces from its famed attractions to its famous inhabitants. Yes ,dear friends, you would do well to visit and enjoy the delights of this city. Whilst doing so remember its beginning, and you will be even more impressed.

Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk


    1. Thanks Resa….whatever I’m inspired to do, it seems… 😉
      City reflections are a recent event, and I’m enjoying them too…. 🙂
      (Keeps me on my toes; I never know what’s coming next….!)

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