Dachshund (Std. Smooth) Reflection

Dachshund (Std. Smooth Haired)

Great Jumpin’ Jehoshaphat. They got me again. Great Jumpin’ Jehoshaphat. Can’t shake ’em loose. Great Jumpin’ Jehoshaphat. This’ll be my goose! Great Jumpin’ Jehoshaphat.

I’ve tried and I’ve tried but I just can’t seem to make it happen.

Make what happen?

I just can’t seem to make life go smoothly and pleasantly. No, every time I try to make things work, they don’t.


It would seem that our friend the Dachshund personality is a trier. Yes; our friend the Dachshund personality would have things all neat and tidy, and tied with a ribbon and a bow; well, if they had their way, of course.

This personality has difficulty accepting life on life’s terms. He/she will prod and poke to make a square peg fit into a round hole. When it doesn’t fit, as of course it cannot, he/she will jump up and down exclaiming that life just isn’t fair. Oh well; what can we do for this personality type?

We can allow it to happen. Yes, that is what we can do. We can allow this personality to have its venting in this way. Should we try to prevent this personality from venting we will have a frustrated animal (so to speak) on our hands. Yes, my friends; it is better to allow this personality its little dramas, than to try to prevent them.

Have you never felt the need to vent? Have you never felt the need to scream? Have you never felt the desire to hit out at someone who has offended you?

Yes? We hear you say yes. Indeed, dear friends; this happens to each and every one of us. However, dear ones, this happens to this personality type more than just occasionally. No, dear ones; we cannot expect this personality type to understand that their predisposition to making drama out of life’s little ups and downs, to be a ‘normal’ state of affairs. No, dear friends; we must not continue to make it known to them that their behaviour is unwarranted. To them it is ‘normal’, and it is ‘warranted’. Best to keep this attitude to yourself, and allow this personality to free themselves from their emotions in the best way that they know how.

Does it really ‘hurt’ anyone? Does it really cause anyone distress?

No, not really. The individual will feel relieved, and by doing so will eventually gain command over themselves.

This is the end game; is it not!?

Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk

Image Credit: Wikipedia User: Bubastic – GNU Free Doc License


    1. I’d love to G….. I’m currently 5hrs from home and about to compete tomorrow in a dance comp…. !
      I’m so happy to do this – it may have to wait ’til Monday though (unless I’m inspired in the meantime)….. 😉

        1. I said that at one of our first comps to a lovely couple…. They looked a little perplexed and I said (just as you’ve said) – I mean it for ‘good luck’… it wasn’t well received. I’ve never said it again…!!! 😉
          Think it must just be for actors and musos…. 😉

    1. Thank you sweet girl…. 🙂
      We are home now…. I wasn’t inspired to do any wordpress, so excuse my late reply… xoxoxo
      We did okay… we would have liked to have done better however; we came fourth in our Level 4 Standard… which was quite good because the competition was very strong. We were really surprised to have done that well really.. So here’s to more lessons and lots of practise….!!! 😉

        1. Good night Dolly…. 😉 xoxoxo
          (I wonder why your comments are now going into my spam folder?) 😦
          No, we won’t quit and yes, 4th was still good… we’re happy…! 😉

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