Shoes Reflection


Shoes are for placing upon one’s feet. Are they not? Indeed; shoes are to protect one’s feet. Are they not? Yes, we place shoes upon our feet to ensure that they are protected from life’s little ups and downs; this we do.

And when we place shoes upon our feet; what are we saying to our feet?

What we are saying is; “I will protect you.” Yes, we are saying to our feet; we shall protect you. Are we not?

Some say yes, and some say no.

Those who say yes please stand up. Right; most of you have stood up. For those of you who remain seated we say.

Well done, dear friends; you have the right to your opinion too. Your opinion is indeed very different from mine. However; I will honour your opinion as evidence of your experience. That’s right. I shall honour your opinion, because this is as you view this scenario.

We all view scenarios from the viewpoint of our own experiences. This is as factual as the air we breathe. We cannot view any scenario except from the perspective of our own experiences.

Therefore, should we become aggrieved by the opinions of others when this is the basis for their opinion? I should think not, dear friends; otherwise we would be asking for the impossible – that we would. 

What are Shoes?

Shall we accept this state of affairs, or shall we continue to hit our heads up against that brick wall expecting this to change?

Indeed, dear friends, better to remain objective and allow the natural course of events to unfold. Whether that be to our liking, is indeed a sore point. We may well end up sucking our dummies and protecting our wounds.

However, there is nought that we can do to change the status quo, except; accept, accept and accept. This will eventually lead to ‘objectivity’, which shall lead to a calming of the mind and a soothing of our belly’s ache.

Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk


    1. Which proves that ‘diversity’ is indeed your game…!! 😉
      Shoes are all about self-protection, it is true however; my friend, you are full of fun and friendship and life and warmth… yes, Toronto suits you… 😉

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