The Best is Yet to Come

The Best is Yet to Come.

Beauty and the Beast
an illustration by Anne Anderson

Oh come, ye beast

of the rest. Holy art thou

ye beast of yearning.


Life’s dreams coming

to ebb and flow 

amidst the nightmares

of dark; spawning

 the titillating spark

before me.


Oh come,

 ye beast of better.

Before me lay your burden down. 

I was over visiting Waking Spirals by Grosenberg recently. I adore his blog which is so creative and showcases his incredible artistry on so many levels. I made the comment that I must look through my old poems (created some years ago) and found this one that I felt inspired to post….

Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk


  1. I love it…but then myths and legends and fairy tales have always been one of my favourite things…

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