Siamese Cat Reflection

Siamese Cat Reflection   (Listen while you read) 


The finer things in life’s great store are these I bring to bear

 upon the mediocrity otherwise endured.

A lighter feat of daring; a grander sight to see.

All these and more to wonder,

 when your eyes look at me.


Are we loved?


And why are we loved?

We are loved because we are loving. Oh yes, my friends, we love all. We may appear aloof. We may appear grand. And yes, dear friends, indeed we are aloof and grand. However, know this:

We are love. We carry this precious quality within our hearts. We not only carry this precious quality within our hearts; we give this love to those whose favours are ours.

Oh yes, dear friends; know this:

We have an abundance of grace, an abundance of charm, an abundance of wit; and we give these qualities to whomsoever deserves them.

Oh yes, my friends. Did we not say that we are fussy to whom we give these qualities?

Oh yes, dear friends. Should you be one in our favour…….

Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk

Image Credit:  Nataliya_Ostapenko /


    1. And are you ‘fussy’ too like the Siamese?
      I don’t think that we can help being a little ‘fussy’ when it comes to giving of ourselves… There is a need for ‘self-protection’… which is what the Siamese personality does… he protects himself and gives to those he believes deserve his love…. Unfortunately, not everybody is ‘open’ to love… Shame…!
      Much love to you too Resa… 😉

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