Tibetan Terrier (Llasa Terrier) Reflection

It needs to be noted that were a dog/cat/horse to have been mothered/fathered by two or more differing types of dog/cat/horse, one must note the characteristics of both or all of the known breeds within this coupling to ascertain the many characteristics which their choice has to offer.

Tibetan Terrier (Lhasa Terrier)  (Listen while you read) 

Not much to do…

Guess I’ll… Well…………Hmmmmmmmmmmm…

I  could…….. But then……… I might…  Hmm….. Blank…

TibetanTerriermanfredxy400shutterstock_50600383(Not much to do really..!  No; there’s not much to do.

And this portrays the inner workings of the personality of those attracted to the Tibetan Terrier.

To be sure they, those who adore these feisty little critters, have get up and go; it’s just that their get up and go needs a bit of a push along, if you know what we mean!

To those who love this little critter we say:

Don’t allow that inbred capacity for loafing to fool you. No; we would not want to see you wasting all of your life away; no indeed.

To be sure; you have a wonderful capacity for learning, for getting those things in life that you aim for. Do you not?

Indeed, my friend, we know that within you are many desires; indeed. Many unfulfilled desires; yes there are. However, my dear friend, your capacity for loafing about will not get you what you want. To have those things that you desire you will need to rise up and go after those desires with as much gusto as you can manage.

T’would be a shame to reach the end of your time on earth only to say: “Wish I’d done more with my life.”)

© Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk

Image Credit:  manfredxy / Shutterstock.com

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