Peke-Faced Red Persian Reflection

Do remember (when reading the reflections) that the personality of the reflection (in this case the Peke-Faced Red Persian) reflects not only the personality of this beautiful cat but also the personality of those attracted to it…  Please enjoy…..

Peke-Faced Red Persian   (Listen while you read)


Give me a heart, and I’ll give mine to you. I’ve got a heart, and I’ll give it true.

The Peke-Faced Red cat epitomizes all things of the heart.

Those who love and adore this little bundle of love will understand the finer feelings associated with life.

They (the Peke-Faced Red lover) will have an appreciation for all things fine.

Indeed, they will want to surround themselves with those things of exquisite value; the value of remembrance. By this is meant; they will have fond memories lingering within their hearts. Their surroundings will have this finer sensibility portrayed in those moments of splendour; their belongings.

It is with great pleasure that we introduce the love of the Peke-Faced Red lover. He/she will not always allow you to see this part of their sensibilities; it is not to be taken lightly! Oh no; the Peke-Faced Red lover will not always allow you into their fine heart. However, should you knock, and the door be opened, you will experience a warmth of love known to but a few.

Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk

Image Credit:  juliasv /

10 thoughts on “Peke-Faced Red Persian Reflection

        1. Sharmishtha’s image is one of joy. Unfortunately this joy is not always fulfilled. She will work away at fulfilling this goal. However; we say: Do not expect others to satisfy your need for joy, dear one; they do not share your love nor ever can.

              1. i do believe in being myself, i always did. even though that meant hiding behind curtains to avoid being observed, but still i preferred being myself. 🙂

                a lot of my relatives used to tease me that i dont have a tongue. 🙂

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