Tibetan Spaniel Reflection

Tibetan Spaniel   (Listen while you read) 

TibetanSpanielJne_Valokuvaus400shutterstock_199507604I’m adroit, I’m sweet, I’m clever too; and unlike most, I’m modest too.

(Well, well, well, my dear friends; so you would like to know the personality type of the beautiful and clever Tibetan Spaniel.

Such wonder to behold; such beauty in its gaze; such delight to be had in its company.

Yes my friends, the Tibetan Spaniel is a mix of qualities quite to treasure.

Those who adore and love this little dog of mixed personality will share its likes and its dislikes. Indeed they will, my friends, because this little dog is the portrayal of those with whom they live their lives. Are they not, you Tibetan Spaniel lover!?

Firstly; he/she (the Tibetan Spaniel lover) will share such qualities as friendliness; outgoing and vulnerable.

Vulnerable, we hear you say!

Yes, the Tibetan Spaniel lover will have a vulnerability that will make them almost irresistible.

We say ‘almost’ because the Tibetan Spaniel personality will also have an edge to it that can discern between those who should be friends, and those who should not.

Yes, not only does the Tibetan Spaniel personality have charm and wit, it also possesses the ability to gauge those with whom it comes into contact.

Should you be one for whom the Tibetan Spaniel personality has warmth; count your blessings dear heart!)

Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk

Image Credit:  Jne_Valokuvaus / Shutterstock.com


    1. I haven’t come into contact with one of these (I don’t think). They sure sound very cute and ‘wise’…. I’ll have to investigate because we are thinking about getting another pet… 😉 Oh boy; what are we letting ourselves in for…!!?? 🙂

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