Emu Reflection

Emu   (Listen while you read) 


It’s there over the hills; that’s where I want to be, in a land so wide. Yeah!


Where do you want to be? Go on; tell me.. Where do you want to be?

Do you want to be alone?

Do you want to be with friends?

Do you want to be sitting on your couch eating potato chips?

There are many places where you may care to be right now. Yes? Indeed, many of us do not want to be ‘where we are’.

And why is this so? We do not care to be where we are due to an insatiable appetite for more. That’s right, my friends; we want more. Simple. It is very simple. Is it not.? We do not care for our place in life. No, we don’t care for our position in life.

And why is this?

This is so, my friends, because we do not care to be truthful with ourselves. If indeed we were truthful with ourselves we would be somewhere else. Would we not?

Indeed, for many this is so. For many there would be an early evacuation technique; one that would see an enormous exit from present day commitments. This is true, my friends. Many are in commitments that have not been planned. By this we mean. Many bumble along through life allowing circumstances to dictate their lives.

We all have circumstances, my friend. We all have moments in time when decisions need to be made due to circumstances. Generally speaking, it is those moments in life that cause us the greatest concern. For, it is those moments in which we can make good decisions, or decisions that will make us want to be somewhere else.

Are you where you want to be, or have circumstances dictated to you what your life holds in store?

Yes, my friends; we must think very carefully when circumstances present.

Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk

Image Credit:  Gunnar_Rathbun / Shutterstock.com

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