Alligator Reflection

Alligator   (Listen while you read) 

AlligatorSplish splash I was taking a bath. Splish splash I was taking a


And on, and on, and on, and on….

(The Alligator personality is full of personality, so to speak….

What can we say about the Alligator that could be of value to you, my dear friend?

If you are interested in the Alligator it is because you have a wealth of personality; that’s for sure; a wealth of personality that can see many things that others do not see. And what is meant by this?

Those who enjoy the Alligator have a wealth indeed, a myriad of opportunities available to them. And why is this so? This is so my dear friends, because the Alligator lover is just that….

He/she is a lover…!

Hmmmmm, I hear you say….

Yes, this is indeed the truth. The Alligator lover is a lover of life, of friendship, of patience (well, some of them are a lover of patience and some have yet to learn this particular lesson); however; to return to our portrayal of the Alligator lover’s personality.

Many will love the Alligator lover. He/she is a lovable type; certainly true….

Have we said enough? Yes? No? To be sure the Alligator has many more strings to his/her bow however; there needs to be something left for the imagination now; doesn’t there?)

Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk


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