Llama Reflection

Do remember (when reading the reflections) that the personality of the reflection (in this case the Lama) reflects not only the personality of the Lama but also the personality of those attracted to it…  Please enjoy…..

Llama   (Listen while you read)

Llama400Gargoniashutterstock_170487491Hello there, you with the stars in your eyes.

Love never made a fool of you. You used to be too wise.

And now you are allowing the stars to hide your view!

Better take a closer look or two.

Yes, that’s what we say. Take a ‘closer’ look.

Don’t want to be the last to know!

(Sometimes we can do this; can’t we? We can walk around with our eyes closed; so to speak. And why do we do this? We can do this because sometimes we don’t want to see. That is right my friends. We would rather not see some of the things that are happening around us.

And why do we do this? We do this for a multitude of reasons.

Some of us prefer not to see the truth. This we do to protect ourselves. Naturally, we are not protecting ourselves by having an attitude such as this. However, we think that we are protecting ourselves, and will continue to behave in this manner regardless of the obvious.

Some of us have a need to shelter from the harsh realities of life. Some of us need to be encased in a feeling of denial so as to feel more comfortable within.

Many of us refuse to see the reality before us because of the thought process needed to evaluate the condition. This requires effort; and some do not want to invest the energy needed for such musings.

There are indeed a multitude of reasons for this behaviour; as stated. However, this behaviour is certain to cause widespread damage throughout our lives. It may seem harmless to allow ourselves to take shelter (for whatever reason) from the truth. However, dear friends, this will most certainly end in harm being done.)

Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk

Image Credit:  Gargonia  / Shutterstock.com

Copyright: Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk 2012

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