Ants (General) Reflection

Ants  (General)   (Listen while you read) 

AntsHubble-bubble toil and trouble; it’s up to me to get things done.

(What in the name of all things good are you doing?

Don’t you know that all good things come to those who wait?

Don’t you realise that wishing and hoping and day-dreaming are not the answer?


Well then, why do you insist on wasting your precious time worrying about things? Why?

I’ll tell you why. You think that you have to do it all…. That is right. You think that you have to do it all and, do it right. Well, I’m here to tell you that you do not have to do it all. In fact, I wish you’d sit down and let someone else do it, for a change. That is right, my dear friend. We see you doing, doing and doing all of the time. Do we not? Indeed, we do.

Let it go, dear one. Let it go where all troubles go. That’s right. Let it go into the darkness where it will find company. That is right, dear friend. Worry not; all things will come right in the end if you allow. That is right. All things will come right in the end if you refuse to worry; refuse to work as hard as you do. Allow that which is rightfully yours to find its way to you; that is right.

Too many strive for things that they want to achieve without the realisation that that which is right will find its way to you. All you have to do is ‘want’ it to be so; see it ‘clearly’ in your mind; and then allow it to come, in its time. Hear that, dear friend, in ‘its’ time……)

 © Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk


  1. I hear you, my friend! So many believe that if they try hard enough, things will happen. However, as harder they try to control their future as harder it gets to move even an inch closer to their dreams or goals.

    When things are meant for you, they flow. Things come your way easy and naturally. In addition, most of the time people want things because they believe that those are the things they need to be happy. Society engraves certain beliefs that we take as true and strive for them without even questioning and finding their own.

    1. Absolutely Dace…. Flow they will, when they are right..!

      This is such a difficult thing for most to do (I know that it was for me)… to allow ‘that which is right’ for us to come ‘to us’… We think that we know best, and yet most of us end up unhappy because ‘that thing’ that we thought would make us happy (as you have said) doesn’t come to us or, if it does, it doesn’t always make us happy.

      We are all so unique and the experience that we are to have is as unique as we are. Once we accept this, the focus can become… ‘I would like to have that which is right for me’… and in that acceptance of our uniqueness we can have more patience and allowance of our experience unfolding before us. It may not be as we may have wished; it may not be quite what society expects however; it is ‘ours’… our own unique experience…

  2. Hmm, this does apply. I’m entering semi-retirement, from work. However, now i get to do more of what I want to do! I’ll still be beaver busy!

    1. The beaver’s teeth are soooo strong; they are fortified with ‘iron’ and continuously grow and self-sharpen! I wish you beaver’s teeth, but, with rest periods and warming rays of sunshine, and wonderful creativity to flow along, at times, quiet waters.
      You are wonderful, dear Resa; wonderful, and an eternal flame. 🙂

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