Monkey (General) Reflection

Monkey (General)   (Listen while you read)

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What say we have a piece of cake?  Yeah!

Let’s say we have a piece of cake and then we can have another piece of cake.  Yeah!

Why Not? Why can’t we have one piece of cake or two pieces of cake or however many we want? Yeah!  I think that’s a wonderful idea. Don’t you?

Well, yes, and no!

One piece of cake, providing it’s a very good piece of cake, would probably suffice. Wouldn’t you say?

No, I wouldn’t!

Why not?

‘Cause one piece of cake just isn’t enough; now is it?

As I’ve said: If it’s a very good piece of cake, then one piece should be sufficient.


If it is a very good piece of cake it should satisfy us.


If one piece of cake fills our senses, satisfies our needs, is gloriously wonderful to the taste buds; then this should be sufficient for us. It is only when one piece of cake does not satisfy our needs that we want more. Yes?

Well, yes, and no! I want more and more if it’s good. I want to eat it till I can’t eat another morsel.

Yes, I understand that. However, don’t you think that it would be a wonderful thing to spare yourself the tummy ache and the headache that you may suffer should you eat ‘til you drop, so to speak?


Well, my friend; if I have to go on explaining this to you then perhaps you are not ready to meet the divider.

And who is the divider?

The divider, my friend, is he who adjusts himself to the expectations of moderation.

Moderation! What’s moderation?

Moderation, my friend, is that friend who is always there waiting for us to meet again. For, when we meet this dear friend, moderation; we can be sure that he will always be there.

Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk

Image Credit:  Rob Hainer /


    1. And did you listen? Or did you do what most of us do when kids? I know I didn’t listen to much of the advice given to me as a youngster. I was a very ‘head strong’ young girl (as my father would say) and would generally rebel against advice. I have learned though, in my maturing process, that ‘most’ of what was advised was, indeed, good advice… Can’t put an old head on young shoulders… as the saying goes… 😉 I loved doing the reflection; reminded me of me…. 🙂

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