Elephant (African) Reflection

Elephant (African)   (Listen while you read) 

I’m weary; it’s getting harder to live; day by day eating away.

Yes, my friends, it’s getting harder.



T’would be easy to say that life is easy. T’would be easy to say that life is hard.

I think it lies somewhere in-between!

For those of us honest enough to see the reality of our lives there comes an acceptance; an acceptance between easy and hard. There comes an allowance that gives thought to the tough aspects of life and how they can mould us into better human beings. There are also the easy times when things are going swimmingly with little to no waves. These times bear us up to be able to cope through the not so easy times.

And so it is with the elephant. He bears up under a burden of tough times. He does not shed his responsibility to himself nor to those he protects. The elephant’s part in life is sometimes hard to understand. He protects those around him with an almost unbearable stance and yet he can also be as soft as a lamb when it comes to the important things in life such as; standing one’s ground; being able to land on his feet; having authority over the events in his life; bearing fools (not so gladly), however, with kindness.

The elephant personality is a stalwart; a protector; a servant to mankind; a giver and a wonderful friend. May we all have some of the elephant personality within.

 Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk

Image Credit: Joseph D Anthony/Shutterstock.com


  1. Oh boy, today I need some elephant energy into my life . . .love this 🙂 reminded that the tough times are moulding us into better characters . . yeh.

    1. Though, at the time, we are bound to say “get outta here; I don’t care if I’ll end up a better person… ahhhhhhh” or something similar. 😉 It’s only later, when we are ‘living’ the benefits of a greater maturity that we can, in retrospect, thank that tough time for its lessons…! 😉

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