Tarantula Reflection

Tarantula   (Listen while you read

TarantulaWhoa; I say whoa; hold them there horses before you get all tied up!!!

(Better to wait to see if what you are about to do is really the best thing to be done at this moment in time.

Sometimes; I say ‘sometimes’ we can head out without enough thought before us; if you know what I mean!

Yep; sometimes; I say ‘sometimes’ we can think that we have a good plan, and yet, were we to think about it a little more carefully maybe, just maybe, we may find that we are going off a little ‘half-cocked’.

To be sure, we may have every right to our grievance; ‘every right’, indeed. However, not every grievance needs a voice. No, sometimes it’s more prudent to ‘keep it to our self’; at least until we are more settled within. Know what I mean?

Yeah; sometimes the words that come rushing forth may evince a slight offence; unintended, of course…. however, painful to him who we serve this mêlée of projection…. Hence; a non-verbal show; a reluctance to converse; a thwarted line of defence; an untimely release of cynicism; a poor show of favour; so many inward and outward displays that may hinder our way, and make the future a little unsteady….

Well, enough prophesying; you get the drift!)

© Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk

(If you don’t find the reflection you’re looking for please feel free to make a request. I’d be more than happy to include it.)


    1. Is he strong? Listen, bud.
      He’s got radioactive blood.
      Can he swing, from a thread?
      Take a look overhead.
      Hey, there! There goes the Spiderman!

      Yeah…! 😉 🙂 😉

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