Spiritual Insights – Day 12

Day 12 – A Journey of My Spiritual Experiences   (Listen while you read)

The Earth
The Earth; as seen from Apollo 17

There are many having similar experiences to myself and, as the experiences have indeed been real to me, so too are they just as real to those others. Indeed, they are as real as this computer in front of me.

No-one can take away our experiences, or negate them; we are what we are because of them.

We, most of us, are very quick to judge. This is understandable as I see it today. We are geared to do just this (to make judgments). We are meant to do this because this is as we have planned this playground of delight.

(The following, written by me during 2012, has been updated by The Collective Consciousness during 2017. It refers to the breakup of souls/consciousnesses upon the Earth stage, and our states of perfection as a soul.)


To explain: We (those of us having this experience in the flesh) are perfected consciousnesses delighting in an experience that removes the, otherwise, state of boredom; once perfected there is little to do. Therefore, to avoid the ensuing boredom that occurs after the completion of the perfected state, we have devised a multitude of playgrounds capable of entertaining us. One such playground is called Earth; here we can play many roles. The current drama has, as its base, a scenario of imperfection. Within this imperfection we have the ability to maim and kill, to be dishonest and brash, to belittle, decry, harass, etc., etc. In fact, the base of this particular scenario we are all playing is based primarily upon negativity. This has been the playground for many a year. This particular scenario has, of now, run its course, so to speak. We have perfected the playground of negativity, and now we have another scenario in mind; once again, purely as a means of entertaining ourselves.

The new scenario for the playground of illusion is to be based upon creating perfection. That’s right. Our new adventure is to perfect ourselves whilst within the flesh, upon this playground of fun.

What a relief I feel to know we have perfected the old game. To be sure, it has been a difficult experience for those of us playing these roles, so to speak. It is a very difficult thing to enjoy the sometimes abhorrent nature of man even when one has the knowledge that this is only an illusion (as has been the case for me now for a number of years). As I have mentioned elsewhere; this illusion is (to those of us playing the game) a very real experience that none of us can deny.

However, I am very pleased to make this announcement here and now. The old is done; the new has begun.

The C.C. advises me that there will be many who will feel the need to pursue the new. They will feel that this is indeed truth. They may not be able to define it logically, nor be able to communicate their feelings in words. However, there will be an inner calling they will not be able to deny. This is not asking they drop all of their religious beliefs, or current callings; no. This inner change will merely be the stirrings to another set of values; a set of values that include tolerance and acceptance of other’s religious understandings, social values, family set-ups, sexual preferences; and the many differences that are evident among the various forms of entertainment we delight in here upon the Earth stage. Simple things, such as understanding the points of view that others share, will commence the change to a greater unity; the beginning of our new play.

Man has the ability to make known these changes of attitudes widely and with great speed; mainly due to the greater means of information distribution. More and more, upon the media face, we see and will continue to see greater numbers of those courageous souls standing up for those of lesser status; such as the beautiful forms of entertainment we utilise upon the stage of Earth, known as the animal kingdoms. More and more the man in the street will call for greater justice for all; as is so evident in today’s societies. This is a natural progression to the new. The old must be debunked in order for the new to take its rightful place. We must also not be concerned by the inherent violence of these undertakings; they are the means to a greater end.

And so it is with great pleasure that I close this day’s transcript with the knowledge that the new has formally begun. Won’t you join with us in reaching for the new; the new that is our collective consciousness?

Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk

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