Seal Reflection

Seal   (Listen while you read)

sealHow’s about a kiss. Ohhh ….. go on, give us a kiss!!!!!!!

With a pussa (face) like mine, you gotta feel like kissin’ it ….. Yeah?

(Won’ t you come with me? Won’t you?

Won’t you come with me to a land where all things are wonderful; all things are grand? It exists! Yes it does!

Why do you doubt? Why do you doubt that there is a land where all is wonderful? Why? Can’t you allow your imagination to fly? Can’t you allow yourself to grow? Can’t you allow a life a beauty and hope? No…! 

Okay, we understand. We understand that you will not allow yourself to have fun; yes we do. We understand that you will not allow yourself to grow; that we do; yes, that we do.

Shame though; ‘cause that’s all we got; you know…. Yes; that’s all we got when all is said and done. Imagination is our guide; our joy; our love; our might; indeed ’tis true. Take away our imagination and what are we? That’s right. We may as well climb into that hole now and allow the darkness to have its way. That’s right. We may as well go behind that big door and hide in the darkness; yep that’s right. For that is what will happen to us without a good imagination. Yep; that’s right, my friend. We will be up the creek without a paddle, so to speak.

Imagination; a wonderful tool for those of us who allow.)

Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk



  1. Oh, how I love the happy seal . . . imagination helped me through a great deal of childhood glumness . . . created new directions & opened the path of possibilities. . . 🙂

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