Thoroughbred Horse Reflection

Thoroughbred Horse   (Listen while you read)


Enter a world of light and love, my dear friends.

This is something that we would all like, dear friends. The ability to see all things through the eyes of love. However, this is not always possible.

There are those who cannot do this, no matter how hard they try.

They have been programmed as such, dear friends. This is not an easy concept to understand. No, not an easy concept for most to appreciate; no indeed.

And why is this so? I’ll tell you why. This is as it is meant to be.

Surprised? Yes? Yes indeed; for some this is certainly a surprise.

For most the only alternative is to accept the understandings of yesterday. And what were the understandings of yesterday? Yesterday we lived a myth. Yes, that is right, Yesterday we lived a myth.

From this point forward the truth is the means to the end that is in store for those of us who choose the new beginning.

And what is the new beginning?

The new beginning is one filled with wonder and light. That is right. The new beginning is one filled with truth, honesty and a withdrawal of fantasy.

And what is fantasy?

Fantasy is that which most live today. Yes, dear friends. We shall slowly remove the fantasy, and replace it with truth.

We shall inform you of what truth is.

If you remove approximately 99.9% of today’s understandings you will have an average from which to ascertain the amount of truth known by the peoples of the earth in regard to the truth of our existence. Should you wish for more understanding we would be more than pleased to give this to you.

This we shall do through the reflections which the little one (Carolyn) writes. She will inform you of the way to love and light (as our dear ones ‘the Light Workers understand’, yet with clouded understandings). We await the time for all to know the truth; which shall take many a century, dear one. This is a certainty, to be sure.

The thoroughbred horse is the epitome of love, dear ones. Is it not? It has garnered all of the qualities of youth; sealed itself in adoration, and has been placed on the highest branch of the tallest tree. And this is that which we shall talk about as we venture forward through the reflections that surround you in the animal kingdoms.

Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk

Image Credit:  Kondrashov_Mikhail_Evgenevich /


  1. Is it any wonder that I love these Equine athletes 🙂 . . .ever since I can remember I’ve had an innate passion to seek the truth . . my own truth that is. The past few years have brought me closer to this truth. With loving guidance I have been able to shift the myths that have clouded my past. 

    1. They are indeed beautiful creatures. It is good to see such elegant and grand creatures reflecting the beginning of ‘change’ within the psyche of those of us who are to begin the process of stripping away the fantasy…..!

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