Kookaburra Reflection

Kookaburra   (Listen while you read)


There are two of us; the one that we keep to ourselves, and the one that we show in public.

That is not to say that we are two faced; certainly not.

We are shy, and we like to baffle as well. This has the effect of keeping our enemies at bay.

What enemies; I hear you say. I don’t have enemies..! 

Well, my friend; we all have enemies, as you so well know. Do you not? Indeed you do. We all have enemies and the sooner we recognise them the better.

Who knows who your enemies are? Good; you know who your enemies are!

Not so good; you do not know who your enemies are.

We cannot live life as if it is a fairytale. That’s right. We cannot live life as if everyone is our friend. That’s right. There will always be those who agree with us and those who do not agree with us. This is life, my friend. If we expect that everyone will agree with us, all the time about all things, we shall surely be mistaken. That’s right; surely mistaken. Only a fool can have such expectations.

We don’t want to seem harsh, dear friend. It is just that we see you bending over backwards for individuals who do not have your back, as the saying goes. No, dear friend; we see individuals who would rather place a sharp object into your back, if you know what we mean. To them, dear friend, you must leave a somewhat ‘wide expanse’. That’s right, dear one. You mustn’t get within cooee distance, to be sure.

Have we been forceful enough? Have we enlightened you to a state within your consciousness that needs your devotion? Yes? Good. We do not want to see you leave yourself unprotected from those who do not have your goodwill at heart.

This is so, dear one. They do not want to be your friend; no. They would rather be your enemy.

Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk  

Image Credit:  aInc / Shutterstock.com


  1. I don’t expect anyone to agree me… it’s nice if they do… but perfectly OK if they don’t. We are all entitled to our own views. That doesn’t make anyone my enemy. It just makes us all unique individuals, looking at life through our own unique perspectives and tainted with our own unique experiences. I have NO enemies. Just friends who happen to see things differently from me.

    1. I don’t believe Tracie, that this reflection could possibly be speaking to you…. It is meant for those individuals who are in an unprotective frame of mind and who have others around them who would like to do them harm… Glad that’s not you..! 😉

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