Spiritual Insights – Day 9

Day 9 – A Journey of My Spiritual Experiences   (Listen while you read) 

Ancient Egyptian God Osiris - King of the Afterlife
Ancient Egyptian God Osiris – King of the Afterlife. Courtesy: Wikipedia Author: Jeff Dahl GNU Free Documentation License

Life after death. This implies that we are firstly a human being. Does it not; indeed it does.

Many believe the following statement:

We are a human having an experience which, once ended, will become a spiritual experience and we will join the ranks of spirit beings.

There are those who believe we are spirit beings who have experiences in the flesh in order to develop as spiritual beings.

Then there are a great many who believe that we are spiritual beings who continue to re-incarnate into a physical body; the kingdom of which is destined by how well, or how badly we performed during our previous incarnation.

Then there are those who do not believe. For the most part their beliefs range from:

This experience we are having is a singular experience which, once ended, will conclude our personality’s experience and we will return into the nothingness from which we came.

There are many and varied belief systems and each of us, within those varying beliefs, will have created our own personalised belief based upon the evidence of our own particular experience. This has the effect of creating over 6 billion beliefs upon the planet. No two will agree completely. However, this is to commence to change as of this, our time, upon the planet.

There are those who believe that theirs is the one and only truth.

I can remember thinking (when suffering immensely the woes of human nature) that I could not wait for the experience to end so that I could return to the security of life as spirit. My personal belief, learned through my spiritual experiences, had me perfecting myself as a human in order for my soul to progress. All of my personal experiences verified this. I spoke to spirit; I saw spirit; spirit validated this belief. To think anything else would have been to contradict my own experiences; only a fool could do this. And this is so for each and every one of us:  We are the sum total of all our experiences. To say to any one of us our belief system is not valid is to cut off an arm. This is as much a part of us as the kitchen sink is to the kitchen.

There are a multitude who have experiences that are foreign to our own. Does this make them liars? Does this make them mentally ill? Does this make them stupid or naïve? Who are we to judge another’s experience? Who are we to judge another’s life choices? Who are we to think that ours is the one and only truth? What we are doing in this case is feeling threatened by another’s viewpoint. This viewpoint is based upon fact, for the individual experiencing. He who sees grey men lurking in society who are silently infiltrating in order to, one day, be the victors of an intelligence war have as much validity in their experience as the man who believes that we become fodder for the worms. He who has been taken into a spacecraft and has been prodded and poked by so-called aliens has the validity of his own experience as proof. Who are we to say this did not happen? To those whose beliefs run into witchcraft, fairies, goblins, middle earth creatures, have the same validity of experience as our own. Who are we to negate their experiences? Their experiences are as valid as any of our own.

Every man’s experience is so real, that to expect him to change his perceptions is to say to a blind man that he isn’t blind and is being rather naughty not to see. Each of us is who we are because of our particular set of experiences. Those of us who bond together share similarities of experience whether that is in the physical sense, emotional, mental or spiritual. Those with whom we do not bond are those whose experiences are so removed from our own we cannot believe that their experience is valid. And this reaction is quite rational. And yet, how can we all be right?

We all can’t be right, and none of us are.

These experiences are just that. They are an experience that we are all sharing upon a vast playground of illusion. Each one of us is having an experience in, so-called, matter. We are not human, as such. We are not spirit, as such. When we can, at least, appreciate that amongst all of the (over) 6 billion sharing this experience in matter there is only one true bond ‘the bond of similarity’, then we may be able to begin to accept the possibility of a much larger plan encompassing us all.

Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk 

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