Meerkat Reflection

Meerkat   (Listen while you read) 

Image Credit: EcoPrint/
Image Credit: EcoPrint/

Look about! Look about! Look out, for there are predators about!

Yes, my friend, it is a time to ‘look out’; for there are those who do not have your best interest at heart.

You would be wise to refrain from action, at this point in time, and allow the dust to settle.

When it has settled, in a day or two, you will see more clearly the action that needs to be taken…..

When in life we do anything, there are always going to be those who will agree and those who will not agree. This is life as a human being. We cannot break this habit; for this is as we are, indeed.

We are all capable of agreeing and disagreeing; we will never totally agree with each and everyone.

No, that is an impossibility. It is an impossibility because we all view our experiences from the vantage point of our own particular experiences. Simple enough!

Having said that, it needs to be noted that to have agreement, albeit a wonderful idea in theory, is not a practical nor interesting approach to life and the wonders that life holds for each as an individual experiencing. No, it is a good thing that there is disagreement to a certain point. We all agree on that!  (A little attempt at humour!!!)  🙂

Having reached an agreement of sorts, we would like to speak now upon the energy of the Meerkat. His energy represents not the state of normal disagreement, but a state of utter cataclysmic disagreement.

 Beware the Meerkat when he is in this frame of mind. He will devour you indeed. We are speaking of an event to come, dear one. The meerkat will have his way in the not too distant future. Utter disagreement on all sides will be the case. There will be an abundance of disagreement. From the roots up, indeed it will. And what shall we do about this disagreement?

Nothing. That’s right; nothing. We shall let all disagreement have its way and do nothing. No nothing. This is the way to handle disagreement. Do nothing… Let it pass…. Let it have its time and then let it go to where all disagreement goes. And to where does disagreement go?

Easy…… Disagreement goes nowhere. That’s right. It goes nowhere. Just like agreement, it is just an energy. Let it go. What does it matter? What good will it do to worry; to be concerned? No, let it go, and all will be well.

Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk


  1. Ohhh, I have learnt to relinquish control (as I see it now) whilst in conversation with my daughters. They are great debaters and love being right. Both are Virgos and independent thinkers and I love them to bits 🙂 Many an hour we have argued on politics, spiritualism and health issues. I enjoy a debate with them now that they are older and I can happily admit when I’m in the wrong & allow them to be right. Funnily enough the Meerkat is one of their favourite animals 🙂

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