Doberman Pinscher Reflection

Doberman Pinscher    (Listen while you read)

DobermanMarina_Jay400shutterstock_113611144I’m bruised. I’m really quite sad!

(I’m bruised, yes this is true. And why am I bruised?

I really don’t know; perhaps because I tend to be a little nervous, at times.

Perhaps because I’m really afraid to be me.

Yes, perhaps these are very good reasons, indeed.

Does this mean that I don’t enjoy life? No it doesn’t. Does this mean that I can be cruel? Well, yes, sometimes. Does this mean that I lack passion? No; I can certainly conjure up passion and interest in life.

No, I’m just a little sad sometimes. Melancholy, you know. I’m sometimes melancholy and I don’t know why I’m sad; I just am.


Some of us are born with a disposition for this. Some of us feel more than others. Some of us have deeper thoughts.

And this is true of the Doberman Pinscher personality. They, the Doberman Pinscher types, oftentimes go too deeply into life. By that is meant; they see more in life than most.

 They have the ability to go extra deeply into all things whether that be the idiosyncrasies of personality, or the bread making procedures of their current brand of choice. This attitude, of going deeply, runs right throughout their every moment. At work they are constantly assessing their prowess. Are they good enough?

Probably not. For the Doberman Pinscher personality sees the cup half empty; never full.

This is of course a fault in the personality; one which will always be the bane of their existence.

One can advise this personality that their cup is indeed full. However, such is the personality of this type, they will never quite see their cup as being full.

A great shame because many of their cups are indeed brimming over.)

Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk

Image Credit:  Marina_Jay /


  1. I see a fellow with his Doberman every other morning whilst walking. He does look deep in thought and never smiles. If he could appreciate how beautiful his dog is the day may not seem so glum:)

  2. My parents had a Dobie, Dillinger, named after one of the Doberman’s in the movie “The Doberman Gang”. He was awesome! After I got over the initial shock when he came bounding in to the room and sat on me while I was sitting on the sofa. They told me they had a puppy Dobie, sheesh, he was about 6-8 months old and was huge!!!! I took him EVERY WHERE!

    1. What a difference today…. Now you have a miniature ‘toy’ puppy that makes noise and plays. LOL – There’ll be no bounding into the room and jumping up on your lap with this one…! 😉

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