Praying Mantis Reflection

As a preamble to the Praying Mantis Reflection I feel that it needs an introduction by way of this post.  (Listen while you read)

PrayingMantistea400x434_maeklongshutterstock_136394537The reflections I have been asked to create by my guidance, The Collective Consciousness, are based on the premise that all creatures (indeed all living things) reflect an aspect of man’s nature.

We are all aware that there are some wonderful aspects to man’s nature that are caring, selfless, giving and beneficial to all others. However, we are just as aware that the opposite is indeed true. 

Bearing this in mind the Praying Mantis reflection reminds me of a boss I once had. He, I believe, was a borderline sociopath. Eventually his bullying ways, rudeness and overbearing nature got him fired unceremoniously when a new CEO saw him for what he was and, within a very short time, gave him his marching orders.

This was an enormous relief for all of us who had the misfortune to work beside him, or should I say ‘beneath’ him. This was indeed this man’s personality. He overpowered all and sundry with his formidable mental presence, and, in his case, quite a formidable physical presence as well; which only added to his tyrannical presence. He embarrassed and humiliated anyone who dared to have a differing point of view, and his sneering look bespoke of a cynical pleasure as he watched all others cringe as he walked past. Eventually, nobody spoke for fear they would encourage his belittling attentions. Such was this man’s nature. He didn’t have any friends; indeed he spoke of being ‘estranged’ from his family. Being the counsellor that I am I was able to prize this information from him during one of his more ‘vulnerable’ moments. At a closer look, he was, in fact, quite a lonely character whose only ability was to isolate himself further by his anti-social behaviour.

I write this because I feel a need to do so. The Praying Mantis reflection is not for the feint-hearted. It is an attempt to allow us to see, and feel, the presence of those who are out to do harm. No judgment; this is just their experience. 

However, we do, I believe, have a responsibility to ourselves not to allow these personality types to bully, demean, and in other ways threaten our natures. This is a choice. We can allow this to occur, and carry the debilitating energies within us (which are one cause of ill-health); or we can send those energies on their way by asking (whomsoever is our higher power/soul/consciousness/the universe, etc.,) that they (the harmful energies) be returned to the individual who has created them. 

This, in my experience, does take an enormous amount of resolve, intention, courage and fortitude if we are to be successful. However, I have done this, and I know that it has worked for me, and for others.

I would suggest that you give it a go if you are experiencing the energies of a bullying type, or others whose energy leaves a negative vibe.

What have you to lose but a little effort, and perhaps a great deal of someone else’s energies…..

Praying Mantis (General)   (Listen while you read)

Hello brother, how are you?

Well enough of that frivolity; there’s work to be done…….

(Busy, busy, busy is the Praying Mantis’ life.

Up in the morning and off to work; no time to dilly dally; that’s right.

We have an ethic and we must uphold it.

We are secure in our own sense of self; not like many others whose favours go from this little piece of jetsam to that little piece of flotsam.

No; it’s work, work, work, work, work; if you see what I mean.       

Well ,yes, I do see what you mean; however, I don’t agree with you that life should be all work. We do need to take time to play!

Play! Play; you say. Well that’s nonsense. How can we get things done if we play? That’s the most utter rubbish I’ve heard in years.

                     Well, if you are constantly working you wouldn’t have heard that saying; would you? And secondly; nobody’s probably brave enough to tell you that all work and no play, etc., etc.

Don’t get stroppy with me young woman, err human, whatever. I will live my life how I want to and enough is said about that…….


                     Goodness; I’ve attuned to a lot of energies; however, this one has really surprised me. I thought that the Praying Mantis would have very different energies. I don’t know what; just different. It would seem that the Praying Mantis represents those of us who are one eyed, so to speak.

Individuals, such as this energy represents are not capable of enjoyment. It would seem that they are rather righteous in their unstoppable mental attitude; whatever and wherever that happens to fall.

Opinionated comes to mind, as does defensive.

I don’t know why I am vacillating?

I don’t know why I cannot come to a conclusion?

The Praying Mantis energy seems to be lingering and not allowing me to think clearly.

Could it be that the Praying Mantis energy tends to usurp other’s energy in its need to keep itself occupied and busy?

Could it be that the Praying Mantis energy endeavours to overpower others?

Could it be that the Praying Mantis energy makes those about him/her feel inadequate and incapable?

Indeed; all of the foregoing is true. The Praying Mantis energy robs, not from Peter to pay Paul, but for himself/herself. That is sad, and yet it is just an energy; one that we can allow ourselves to be effected by, or not.

I choose not to allow the Praying Mantis energy to usurp my energy. Fare thee well Praying Mantis energy; I ask that you return from whence you came….   

Ahhhhhhh, feeling better now…….)

© Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk

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