Chihuahua (Short Hair) Reflection

Chihuahua (Short Haired)   (Listen while you read)

ChihuahuaShortCoatSergey_Lavrentev400shutterstock_71770525DOWN RIGHT IMPUDENT.



(As if we don’t have enough to do…!!!

What a hide they have asking me for this and for that. Rude… Just rude…..!

Oh, ….. take a breath…. There’s no point losing my marbles over this.

No, it’s just not worth it….

But, but, boy if I had my way I rip into them with such ferocity they wouldn’t be sitting down for weeks.    

!###!!%###@!!!#!.   Ahhhhhhh, that feels better.

And this is exactly what the Short Haired Chihuahua personality needs to do when life’s little moments intrude. Yes, this is precisely what is needed to soothe the savage beast. A little resolve is good, indeed ’tis true. A little resolve to do that which is good for you.

And what is good for you?

That’s right. What is good for you is to allow those energies of disturbance to make their exit. That’s right. We do not want all of those disturbing energies inside your body where they can do their destructive best to annihilate all good. That’s right. That is what those destructive energies will do; they will annihilate all of the good within.

And what do we mean by all of the good.

What is meant here, dear friend, is that inside we are a complexity of varies chemicals, indeed.

If, we say, if we allow the energies of anger, frustration, hurt, indeed pain of any type, they will erode away at the very core of the minute structures within. This causes illness, dear one, indeed. And illness is something which we do not want to see within.

Therefore, dear friend, we ask that you allow all of those energies (that are not to your highest good) be released in the form that is best suited to your personality. That’s right. Let them out by any means within your grasp.

Only, dear friend, please do try to remember that your neighbours may bear a grudge toward you should you not remember to place that cushion over your mouth as you scream away all of your woes.

Very good, my dear friend; now you know how to allow those damaging energies to leave you alone.

I am certain that you will find many other avenues (less neighbour infringing avenues) to enable your mind, body and spirit to recover from life’s little woes.)

Carolyn Page  –   ABC of Spirit Talk

Image Credit:  Sergey_Lavrentev  /


  1. Have you ever done that, for example, screaming in the car while driving? I tried it once. That was enough! I felt so foolish I ended up laughing at myself. 🙂 Guess it worked tho! LOL

    1. Yes, yes, yes…. I certainly have, many times. That was one way that I ‘took care of myself’ when I felt overwhelmed with things. Even today I will occasionally give up a ‘scream’ if I’m frustrated with something – works for me too… I agree, I generally end up laughing; so I guess that means it worked..?! 😉 I just left a message with a link here on a post of yours… Sorry, I should read my own blog’s comments first… then venture out to others. You are ‘on the ball’ today… 😉

      By the way: I had ‘such fun’ doing this reflection; particularly the first paragraph… I ‘laugh’ every time I listen to it… 😉 I do enjoy what I do…. 😉

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