Red Panda Reflection

Red Panda   (Listen while you read)

RedPandaKarel_Gallasshutterstock400_77164171Once upon a time, long, long ago  in the land of dreams, there happened to be a need for something interesting to come his way.

It did, many times, but he was so busy he didn’t notice it, and it went away!

(So what is the moral to this story? Look around you, visit the unknown, pamper yourself with dreams and their future.

What. What do you say? Yes, I agree with you; it’s hard to see the future. However, if you don’t dream what good’s a future? If you don’t take that jump into life; what good’s a future? If you don’t crave for something better; what good’s a future?

Yes, we cannot know what the future has in store for us; no; this is certainly true. Does this mean that we just sit about doing nothing; thinking nothing; being without a dream?

Yes? Do you really feel that way? Then I am sorry for you, my friend. I am sorry because to be without a dream is to be in a very forlorn state. Is it not? Is it not a sense of destitution when we are without a dream? Yes; indeed this is true. Without our own private dream we are like ships wandering aimlessly on a sea of aloneness.

Yes, my friend. Do you want to be alone? Yes. Well this is what you shall have.

A dream; that is all it takes to be a part of the whole.

“The whole?”  I hear you say. Yes, that’s right; the whole. And what is the whole? It is that which you join when you have a dream. It is your birthright to be a part of the whole of mankind. Not alone. Not without a dream.

No, we do not wish this for you, my friend. We want to see you as one with the whole; enjoying your dream; your independent dream; a dream that, if you will allow, will take the rest of your life to fulfill. That’s right.

And now; do you have a dream, my friend? Yes. That is very good. Do you have a dream, my friend? No.


Well my dear friends; it would seem the Red Panda represents mankind’s individual need to have a dream; a purpose; a goal towards which we can work. Without a dream; a purpose; a goal, we are like shifting sand; never quite stable; never quite secure; never quite feeling the strength that we can feel should we have a dream; a purpose; a goal toward which to work.)

Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk

Image Credit:  Karel_Gallas /

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