Pomeranian (Lou Lou) Reflection

Pomeranian (Lou Lou)   (Listen while you read)

What’s this I hear, is that someone near?

With upturned ear, I hear…..  What?

A friend, a foe?

Who is there?

PomeranianTatyanaPanova400shutterstock_129921929(Wait a moment; is that you I hear; or is that me?

This and many other questions will the Pomeranian personality need to ask of himself.

Is that you or is that me?

The Pomeranian personality can become confused easily.

It tends to see in others that which it sees in itself.

This can be a very good thing if what he sees in himself is good and yet, is it?

Now we have a dilemma; do we not?

If the Pomeranian personality sees good in himself he is likely (without investigation) to see good in others.

Indeed, if this is the case that this good is within the subject of his concern; this is good.  All will be well, for he will be seeing the truth of his subject.

However, on the other hand; if what he sees in the subject of his concern is not truth, then this is indeed not good.

Are you understanding the dilemma posed by the Pomeranian personality? Indeed. It is not a question of stupidity; merely a question of unknowingness.

Yes; the Pomeranian personality can be a little naive to the intricacies of other personality types.

To be sure; the Pomeranian personality is a gentle and kind, thoughtful creature whose love knows no bounds. 

However, in order for the Pomeranian personality to protect himself he needs to be aware of the propensity within his nature to falsely see himself within those about him; instead of who they are.

A timely message indeed.)

Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk

Image Credit:  TatyanaPanova / Shutterstock.com


  1. This is a tricky concept . . .it speaks to me about boundaries and not taking on negative “vibes”. Also, knowing who you are and protecting against the less favourable energies.

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