Chrysalis Reflection

Chrysalis   (Listen while you read) 

ChrysalisOh how I wish I could live in a chrysalis… It would be so snug and warm….

(Yes, many of us would like to wrap ourselves up inside a warm and protective covering; just as the Pupa of the beautiful butterfly does. Well, as we know, it’s not the Butterfly who wraps himself up; no, it is the stage before the butterfly emergence. Is it not? Indeed.

Many of us would prefer not to ‘come out’ of the chrysalis; not for anything. We hide ourselves away, looking for comfort by any means other than ‘the cold light of day’, as they say. And what is ‘the cold light of day’? I’ll tell you. The ‘cold light of day’ is merely a saying for those things that we find a little ‘hard’ to do; a little ‘unsettling’; indeed this is true. And yet, were we to ‘take the bull by its horns’ and allow that ‘light of day’ to shine upon them, we may find that, just like that pupa (inside the chrysalis) is growing and stretching and becoming; perhaps this is just what may happen to us too;,if we just allow.

Indeed, it can be scary to ‘drop the chrysalis’ and expose ourselves. Indeed this is true. I would not suggest that you ‘drop your chrysalis’ without having another form of protection to surround you. Indeed not; we all need some form of protection. To go out in ‘public’ without some form of protection would be well, suicide; and this would never do, no indeed not.

No, what I would suggest to you, dear friend; is firstly:

Allow the mind to ponder being ‘out’ in public wearing something protective like; let us say; an even temperament. Yes, let’s say that wearing ‘an even temperament’ is a wonderful protective measurement.

Secondly; what could be our second protective measure. I know:

Our second protective measure could be to ‘be pleasant’. Yes, that’s right. Our second protective measure would be to be pleasant to each and everyone that we see.

Oh, this is ever so simple really. I bet that you thought it would be difficult to protect yourself whilst out in public. And yet; no, it is not so very difficult at all, indeed. I’m sure that we could go on and on an on and on thinking about how to protect ourselves in public; however, I think you are ‘getting the drift. Are you not?

Yes, indeed I believe that you are finding ways to protect yourself right at this very moment, indeed.)

Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk

Copyright © 2012 All Rights Reserved


    1. You know ’bout this issue first hand, I’d say…. You have to go out in Public ‘all the time’…. I get the feeling that you use the same form of protection that is spoken about in the reflection…! An even temperament and a pleasant attitude (along with many other things) wins the day…. Wouldn’t you say? 😉

  1. I find using the postives (thoughts, behaviours etc etc) as a protective measure deflects the negatives. Simple concept that is sometimes challanging in the “light of day” .

    1. Yes, simple things are not always easy; particularly when dealing with ‘difficult’ people…. And, there is ‘ourself’ to be concerned about too (keeping ourselves calm and ordered is not always an easy thing to do). So it is a two-pronged condition that takes a lot of ‘hard’ work to achieve. 😉

  2. Hi Mar, Thanks for putting up the chrysalis reflection. The reflection opens up doors figuratively (realisation of yes, being pleasant is a form of protection) and literally (doors are just being opened in life).

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