Budgerigar Reflection

Animals reflect our behaviour. The animals that we feel a closeness to, encounter often, engage with, attract and so on; have a role to play in that moment of our lives. They offer an understanding to us of the ‘play’ that is our current experience and give insight into the intricacies of our lives. Following is the understanding for the Budgerigar (common pet Parakeet).

Budgerigar   (Listen while you read) 


Hungry, I’m hungry; give me something to eat. I’m hungry.

I hunger for lots of things; usually those things that I can’t have!

Ahhh well, that’s life, I guess.

It’s up to us to make a stand though.

If I don’t who will?

Seems that so much passes us by in the hope of becoming enthused.

But, no; it just passes on by.

My luck is running out, you know. Yeah, I just can’t keep hoping that all things will go well; and you know what. No, they just don’t. I try and try and try to make things happen; heaven knows I do. And yet, there they sit; all of my good intentions just sitting there. All of my good planning somehow just goes down the drain. Oh well; it’s not for the sake of trying now, is it?

Well my friends, it would seem that the Budgerigar personality is one that tries so very hard to make progress, to make things happen. Perhaps, if one was to consider the importance of allowing others time to catch up with progress, there would not be the added frustration associated with change that seems to be the case for the Budgerigar personality. Yes, perhaps if the Budgerigar personality agreed to allow time to be its friend, and not its foe; all would be well for the clever ‘progress enabling’ Budgerigar personality to take wing, and not feel overwhelmed by the delays of the slower thinking types.

 Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk

Copyright © 2012 All Rights Reserved.

Image Credit:  Anna_Hoychuk / Shutterstock.com


    1. In what way my dear four blue hills….. 😉 😉 Surely, ‘you’ do not have a problem with ‘frustration’ now… 😉 😉 and waiting about for things to change….. 😉 surely not ‘you’ 😉 😉

  1. Enjoyed your post. Sat here smiling for many reasons. Our Joe Blue is basically the same color as the picture you chose. Secondly, he gets so excited over his food. The whole thing made me grin from ear to ear. Thanks, Carolyn. I’ll just walk away from the computer now SMILING. Teresa

    1. Glad you enjoyed it Teresa…. It ‘had’ to be the ‘blue’ budgerigar…. even though ‘blue’ is not a very common colour; they are mostly ‘green’, the ones I’ve seen…. However, blue it ‘had’ to be… 😉

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