Arabian Horse Reflection

Animals reflect our behaviour. The animals that we feel a closeness to, encounter often, engage with, attract and so on; have a role to play in that moment of our lives. They offer an understanding to us of the ‘play’ that is our current experience and give insight into the intricacies of our lives. Following is the understanding for the Arabian Horse.

Arabian Horse  (Listen while you read)


Oh how I do wish they would treat me well. I do.

I wish that they would treat me as they treat all others.

Why do they continue to treat me so differently?

Is it because we look different that we are treated differently?

Does it matter whether or not we have so called breeding? Does it?

What makes it necessary to treat everyone so differently just because they look different. This has caused so much heartache, so much pain. Doesn’t the world realise that the outer shell is just that. It is just an outer shell. Inside we are the same. Inside we suffer the same. Inside we doubt the same. Inside we are made of jelly when we attempt something for the first time. Inside we make decisions that may not be for the highest good. Inside we are made of the same gooey substances.

Why oh why then do we treat everyone according to the outside? Why? I’ll tell you why.

In today’s faced paced world where image is the current vogue, what really matters is lost to most. Indeed; it is lost. And what really matters? I’ll tell you what really matters. YOU, my friend. You matter.

And what are YOU? You are your inside. That is right. You are your inside where all your thoughts dwell; where all your dreams abide; where all your misgivings hide; where all and sundry meet in opposition; yes, that’s right. Even your opposition resides inside.

Do you think that this is not true? Do you really? Well let me tell you that you are indeed two. There’s the you that we see; and there’s the real you.

Yes, I thought you’d stop to see. There’s the you that we see, and then there’s the real you. And, which one would you like for us to recognise? The one that we see; or the one that you hide?

Yes, my friends, food for thought, indeed. And this is what the beautiful Arabian Horse is reflecting for us.

Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk

Image Credit:  Makarova_Viktoria /

Copyright © 2012 All Rights Reserved


    1. You are spot on my friend, they are beautiful creatures…. it was a pleasure to do that particular reflection, and somewhat of a surprise. Doing the reflections are generally surprising for me though. I think that they will represent something and generally it is the reverse or so ‘out of the box’ that I just ‘shake my head’. What I would really like to know is the quality of the ‘dragon’…. Even though this is a mythical creature it would be wonderful to understand the ‘human’ reflection in regard to the creation of the creature…. something like the reason behind man’s need to create supermen, beasts etc… That would make a good reflection…! 😉

  1. When I think back, whilst riding an Arabian horse, I felt his energy to be different. Wild & free. A great deal of judgement was placed upon me for the way I looked, thought and behaved. I could be ‘me’ when I rode and by me I mean ‘we’, both my horse and I could be true to our natures.

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