Episode 26 – It Happened Because It Was Meant to Happen

Indeed, dearest, this is true. Not because of an outside event, no. Not because of a change in routine, no. It happened because it was meant to happen.

Once acceptance of our state of consciousness being our beginning, our middle and our end; the truth of this statement becomes evident.

All things that happen whilst in the human form are known by you. And why are they known by you? They are known, Dear Brave Hearts, because you wrote the lines of your story. Yes you, Dear Brave Heart, conjured your storyline, along with others, in order for you to have an experience.

Many are confounded by this truth; indeed they are. Many are in disbelief of this truth; indeed they are.

Why would we place ourselves within a horror story, they say? Yes, why indeed. We have written of this many, many times; and yet it bears repeating. Even our typist extraordinaire needs the continued repetition of the truth so as to remain firm in her convictions. After all, Dear Ones, it does sound like ‘science fiction’; as our dearest reports.

And yes, it does sound incredible to the human mind; and yet it is true.

Upon pondering this truth our dearest has had to widen her perceptions. And what do we mean by this?

We mean, Dear Hearts, this simple truth, once mulled over, presents the mind with a vast array, a plethora of anecdotes to be pondered.

What about death? What about so-called illness? What about rape? What about suicide? Oh yes, Dear Brave Hearts; did we not say a plethora of anecdotes?

Our dearest and our Dear Heart Veronica (the daughter, as she is known) spoke of this earlier this day. What of stroke victims? What of heart attacks? The medical profession see these as ailments caused by many concerns. However, Dear Ones, all illnesses are known by you. They are and were your doing before entering the fantasy. Why? As we have stated many times, Dear Hearts.

They happened because they were a part of the storyline you produced and agreed to before entering the fantasy.

Not an easy task – that of accepting your own participation in your life, Dear One. However, once achieved there comes an easing of the confusion and an acceptance and responsibility to your self.

Many Blessings to All

© 2022 Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk


  1. Charlee: “Our Dada says this makes him think of a song by the famous Canadian minstrels, Rush, called ‘Roll the Bones’.”
    Chaplin: “There’s a part where they go, ‘Why are we here? Because we’re here, roll the bones. Why does it happen? Because it happens, roll the bones.'”
    Lulu: “Why roll the bones when you could chew on them?”

    1. Hey; great song and lyrics, Charlee and Chaplin! I took a listen – I could get hooked… hahah… A great reminder of this song for sure! And Lulu you’ve reminded me to visit the butcher today. Beau and Pebble are out of (chewing) bones!!!!

      I was reminded of the time when I was devastatingly ill back in 2013/2014. It was at about the eighth or ninth emergency visit to the ER. Until then I had been enormously stoic, and wore this time with strength and inner grit. However, it was starting to wear thin. I was hoping for a reprieve. Little did I know, at that time, the next eight months would see me (almost) confined to my bed.

      I asked The C.C.
      “Can this (experience) be taken from me?”
      Their loving and compassionate reply was:
      “You agreed to this, Dear Heart.”

      Ouch – that wasn’t what I wanted to hear!

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